Fool’s Paradise by Jo Ann Ferguson

Title: Fool’s Paradise
Author: Jo Ann Ferguson

Genre: Historical Romance, Mysteries

Publisher: BelleBooks
Publication Date: January 31, 2015

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Series or Stand Alone: A Lady Priscilla Flanders Mystery

Something is rotten in the Lake District… and the Prince Regent has asked Lord Neville Hathaway to investigate. But in order to ensure success, he asks his wife- and intrepid partner in crime-solving- Lady Priscilla, to join him.

When they learn that a young woman of the Beau Monde has vanished in the area, they can’t help wondering if that disappearance is connected to tales of a strange new settlement being created by a half-mad lord. Drawn into the madness against their wills, Priscilla and Neville go undercover as willing citizens in Novum Arce, the utopian recreation of Roman Britain, but it quickly becomes obvious that the person behind the kidnapping and insanity may have a very real ulterior motive- one that could change the future of the war against Napoleon.

Now they have to do more save a missing lady- they have to stop an invasion! And there’s even more at stake! Priscilla has just discovered she’s going to have a child. And Neville has to decide: just how much is he willing to sacrifice for King and country?


When her Aunt Cordelia arrives, Lady Priscilla has a lot going on in her life: planning her daughter’s wedding, preparing for her aunt’s visit, and finding out she is pregnant. Then Lord Beamish shows up with a request for her to find his daughter who has been missing for a month. When her husband, Neville accepts this quest, Priscilla is skeptical until she finds out that someone has asked Neville to look into a strange new settlement near where Lord Beamish’s daughter has disappeared. Priscilla insists on going with Neville. A day after they arrive at the last place the missing woman was seen, they are taken to the settlement against their wills and decide to go undercover. This is just the beginning of the strange happenings at Novum Arce, the utopian recreation of Roman Britain, where they are being held. The story only gets better from there.

This is the first Lady Priscilla Flanders mystery I have read, and I must say that I was impressed. I don’t read many mysteries but this book was really good. The characters were well written as was the story. I didn’t want to put it down.

I like that Priscilla and Neville have such a relationship that are not just married but they are partners in everything. With her being pregnant, Neville tries to be overprotective, but Priscilla shuts him down every time letting him know that this is not her first pregnancy and she would never do anything to harm their child. This is definitely a world I would like to visit again.

Rating: 4 stars