Ride Me Hard by Shari Slade Release Day #Blitz

New Release – RIDE ME HARD – Part 1 of The Devilís Host MC Serial by Shari Slade

When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy’s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shiftócovered in tattoos and looking at me like I’m on the menuóI should flip the open sign to closed.

But I don’t.

I’m too used to doing what I’ve been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn’t stop him anyway. He’s here to collect a debt. And I’m the only one left to pay.

RIDE ME HARD is just the beginning. The wildly erotic journey continues June 1st with BREAK ME IN. These are short, hot reads, sure to leave you panting.
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What people are saying…

“Intense, dangerous, and perfectly dirty! Ride Me Hard will leave you breathless.” – New York Times Bestselling author Skye Warren

“Dirty, beautiful, gritty and wild. If I don’t get more right now I’ll die!” – New York Times Bestselling author Annika Martin

“RIDE ME HARD has a panty-melting mix of sex, sass and sin. It hooked me hard.” – Heidi Joy Tretheway author of Tatto Theif

“Shari Slade strings together all the dirty words and makes something extraordinarily beautiful. Ride Me Hard will leave you panting for more–the perfect mix of intriguing story and flawed, fascinating characters. Fantastic start to a new series.” – Ainsley Booth author of Hate F*@k

Excerpt from RIDE ME HARD

Twelve hours into what should be an eight-hour shift and my new uniform still feels foreign on my body. Scratchy and wrong. Unpleasantly damp. Yesterday I’d worn jeans and a Jimmy’s Diner T-shirt. Tonight, I’m packed into a polyester dress that looks like it came from a catalog full of naughty Halloween costumes: 1950s Pinup or Sexy Soda Jerk.
I tug at the powder-blue skirt barely covering my ass and adjust the ruffled apron. Who thought white aprons were a good idea in a restaurant full of ketchup, jam and gravy? Jimmy Jr. The idiot.
I wince.
Hot coals have replaced the muscles in the small of my back; that’s the only explanation for the searing pain that radiates with every wobbly step I take. My new management-issued shoes are as ridiculous and nonfunctional as the dress, strappy black Mary Janes with pointy toes, pointier heels, and some kind of no-skid treatment on the soles. Thank God for small favors.
The whole tacky getup cost eighty bucks. Cheap, but still too rich for my blood. The cherry on top of one very shitty sundae. At least they’d take it out of my check in installments, because I’d barely made a quarter of that tonight, proving once and for all that waitresses are invisible no matter what they’re wearing. Jimmy’s Diner is invisible too, now that the new bypass is finished and the truckers can barrel past town doing eighty miles per hour.
The locals coming in for early bird specials aren’t going to cut it, and no sexy gimmick will replace the volume of being on a high-traffic truck route. Short of throwing up a roadblock and diverting traffic, Jimmy is fucked.
I dip my hand into my apron pocket and stroke the tiny wad of singles, reassuring myself it’s still there. Five to shove in the coffee can I keep under the sink and then, not even enough to fill a gas tank, let alone make a dent in the weekly rent my landlord is salivating over. He’s already looking for any excuse to eject me from the little garage apartment his new wife wants to use for a craft studio.
I’m pretty fucked too.
It’s not like I’m working here by choice. If this job bottoms out, I can’t even think about that particular dead end. Instead I focus on the present fifteen-minute increments. I can survive anything for fifteen minutes. I know that from experience.
Fifteen more minutes without a customer and I can lock the doors, kick off these torture devices, and finish the last of my side work.
I pull out the tiny funnels and the big buckets of salt and pepper to do the most boring sand art ever. That’s my life. Boring, painful, and thanks to the bypass and circumstance, cut off from the rest of the world.
I can hear my cousin Harry singing in the kitchen, and I know he’s mopping up. He always sings while he mops. Humming along with him at the end of a shift makes me feel like a part of something. Not a family exactly, but something.
I wouldn’t have this job if it weren’t for him. Not that he’d done much other than tell Jimmy I needed work. Sometimes not much is all it takes to make a difference.
Fifteen more minutes and he’ll haul the trash out to the dumpster and lock the back door behind him. If I time it right, we can leave together. I poke my head through the window where he sets the orders as they’re finished. ‘Can you give me a ride home tonight?’
‘I don’t know, Star. I’ve got stops to make.’ He twitches and wipes sweat from his neck with a bandanna before swishing dirty water over the floor again. Like I don’t know about his stops late at night? Probably to see the same people that sometimes pop into the diner, also twitching and sweating. Looking for pills or meth. I’m not sure. I don’t even really care as long as I don’t have to walk home alone in the dark.
‘But,’ Harry spins around with the mop like he’s twirling a lover and bumps the prep table. Three beer bottles crash to the floor, and I notice a fourth is clutched in his hand along with the mop handle. I decide not to argue with his weak excuse or to remind him we’re family, no matter how distant. It’s not worth it.
‘That’s okay, Harry. I can walk just fine.’
Sure I can. It’s only fifteen minutes to get home. I hobble back to my shakers.
A bark of laughter, deep and rough, startles me from behind, and my first thought is son of a bitch because if that’s a new customer wanting dinner, all my fifteen-minute plans have turned into an hour at least.
‘Looks like you’ve got a little hitch in your giddyup, sweetheart. Why don’t you bring me a menu and come sit on my lap?’
I whirl around to tell him right where he can put a damn menu, and my breath catches.
I can’t process all of him at once. He’s that big. He is scruff and muscle and a white T-shirt tucked into dusty jeans. He looks weathered and road weary, like most of Jimmy’s clientele, but more. Everything about him is intense. His knife-blade cheekbones. His heavy brows.
His blue eyes flash icy heat, and some animal instinct tells me this man isn’t looking for sass, that if he finds it, he might do something about it, something I won’t like at all.
He’s made himself comfortable in the booth with his leather jacket tossed on the opposite side along with a sleek black helmet. I’m pretty sure there’s a motorcycle parked out front now to match his accessories. If only I’d heard the rev of an engine and the spray of gravel, but I was too busy humming and watching the clock. A warning would’ve been nice. I might have locked the door a few minutes early, even if it did mean Jimmy would dock my pay.
No. I wouldn’t have locked a customer out. But I’d have braced myself better.
His hands are massive and flat on the tabletop. Tattoos crisscross his blunt knuckles, the ink broken by spidery scars. It takes my brain precious seconds to decipher the blue-black loops and whirls as letters.
It’s like he’s put them there for inspection. But not the ‘clean enough for supper, ma’am?’ kind of inspection, the ‘how much damage do you think these can do?’ kind.
A lot of damage. That’s the answer. A lot. Those are knuckles that have been through walls and windows. Flesh and bone.
I want to say we’re closed, but Jimmy’d can my ass for turning away a paying customer. I want to run back to the kitchen and get Harry to tell him to take his business elsewhere, but Harry isn’t any match for this man. And I’m frozen in place anyway. I can’t peel my eyes away from his hands.
I stare harder, and it hits me that the letters over his knuckles form words.
Lost. Soul.
Some fear inside me eases, because that’s almost romantic. Lost souls and lone wolves. Desperadoes. If he were really terrible, he wouldn’t have to advertise. The truly dangerous men blend in.
‘Not much of a talker, are you?’ he says.
I try for caustic, but the words slip out as half whispers. ‘Not when I don’t have anything to say.’
He laughs again, only softer this time. More smug. ‘I can respect that.’
Him respecting anything about me seems like the most ridiculous thing yet. Even sillier than me standing here for long minutes without taking his order. My gaze drifts up his colorful forearms, across his chest, and over the hard pecs I can make out through thin cotton. His neck, corded with muscle and more ink, flexes under my scrutiny.
Everything about him is hard, except for his mouth.
His lips look soft. And pinker than they should be. A sensual mouth, curled into a smile that says I know everything you’re thinking, and yeah you’re exactly right. A smile that says test me, please. A smile that says I’m hungry and you look like cake.
Fuck me. I want to be cake.

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About the Author

Shari Slade is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy new adult, biker, and rock star romance. A would-be academic with big dreams and very little means. When she isn’t toiling away in the non-profit sector, she’s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love (or lust). Somehow, it all works out in the end. If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.
Frequently found in a blanket fort, you can also find her on facebook and twitter. Sign up for her newsletter to stay up-to-date on new releases and to get free flash fiction in your inbox on Fridays.

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Mental by Justice Serai #Review

Mental by Justice Serai 
Publication date: April 7th 2015 
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Hope is an illusion meant to convince the broken to keep on living. That’s me. Broken.

My father pays heaps of money for doctors at the Norfolk Psychiatric Center to fix me. I’ve spent six months of my prime teenage years at this residential facility – a place for teenagers who’ve gone mental.

That’s me. Mental.

Just when I begin to feel myself fade away, a boy with a wolfish smile and mischievous eyes reels me in. Julian is broken too, but he believes in me enough for the both of us. Through him, I begin to experience this thing called hope. Doctors can’t fix me, my parents can’t either, but maybe it’s not me who needs fixing.

After all, mental is only a state of mind. It all depends on who’s doing the thinking.

I love this book! For anyone who doesn’t understand mental illness, please grab a copy of this and read it. It shows that any kind of mental illness is not something to be taken lightly and that someone can just “snap out of”. This book is specifically about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and paranoia. There is a lot of negativity towards these illnesses mainly because most people do not understand them. 

I love that Mental is told from the point of view of a 16 year old girl who suffers from all three illnesses. I think it gives more understanding about the struggles that people face when dealing with these. I also love that there is a love story involved. Julian is such a great character for giving Lucy the hope she needs to believe that things can get better. 

I highly recommend this book! 

Rating: 5 stars 

Unforgiven by Lori Adams Blog Tour #Review

 Unforgiven by Lori Adams
Soul Keepers #3
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Loveswept 
Otherworldly desire and paranormal action reach new heights in the final installment of The Soulkeepers. As Sophia St. James moves Heaven and Hell to claim her destiny, questions are answered, secrets are revealed—and immortal love is tested.

After finally becoming a powerful Spirit Walker, Sophia St. James is shocked to discover that her conjured identical twin, Ka—along with her soul—have been dragged down to Hell by the relentless Demon Knight Dante. Sophia tries to hide the crisis, but there is little hope of keeping any secrets from her red-hot Guardian Angel. Growing suspicious, Michael has been making plans of his own that will bind him and Sophia together forever.

But Sophia is plagued with evil visions through Ka’s experiences in Hell. She is terrified that Dante will discover he has taken the wrong Sophia. Desperate to return to her original state before she withers away and dies, she risks everything to go where Michael can’t follow. To bring back Ka and save her own soul, Sophia must now enter the gates of Hell.

Lori Adams is the author of the Soulkeepers series: Forbidden, Awaken, and Unforgiven. She wrote her first book—about scary sharks—at the age of eight. Now she writes New Adult, young adult, and middle-grade fiction. Originally from Oklahoma, Adams lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters.
Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. 

A forbidden love, a missing soul, and a trip to hell. That’s what is involved in this story. This is book 3 of the Soulkeepers series and the first 2 are must reads. Unforgiven picks up right where Awaken left off. 

Sophia thought the worst was over until her conjured identical twin, Ka, was taken to Hell by Dante along with her soul. She must hide the truth from Michael, her guardian angel and the love of her life. The truth about Sophia and Michael’s relationship is revealed so they are facing danger from that as well. 

Sophia is terrified that Dante will realize he has the wrong girl. The truth comes out about Dante’s connection to Sophia and it wasn’t what I expected at all. This is a great conclusion to the Soulkeepers series. 

Rating: 4 stars

Sinful by Joan Johnston Blog Tour #Review

Sinful by Joan Johnston
Bitter Creek Series #13
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Genre: Romance
For readers of Linda Lael Miller and Susan Mallery comesNew York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston’s sizzling contemporary Western romance, where power, money, and rivalries rule—and love is the best revenge.


After a tragic accident leaves Delta sergeant Connor Flynn a widower, he faces the toughest fight of his life: battling his in-laws for custody of his two young children. To win he’ll need a make-believe bride to take care of the kids while he runs his Wyoming ranch. Who better than a woman he already knows and likes—his late wife’s best friend?

Ruthlessly forced from her home by her powerful father, King Grayhawk, Eve needs somewhere to go . . . and so does the herd of wild mustangs she’s rescued. Connor’s offer sounds like the answer to a prayer. But Eve has a guilty secret she’s guarded for years: She’s always been in love with Connor.

Now forced to live under the same roof as her heart’s desire, Eve must hide the love that has never died, while Connor vows to resist his growing need for a woman who was forbidden fruit during his marriage. Can two lonely people set adrift by fate and haunted by guilt find redemption in the healing embrace of love?

I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review. 

This is a story about a second chance at true love. It has a very Hatfields & McCoys feel to it with the bitter family rivalry that takes place. 
Eve has had a secret crush on Connor since they were teenagers but their family feud kept her from acting on it. She even inadvertently introduced him to his wife. Now that they are living under the same roof, Eve and Connor must both resist their attraction for each other. 
When Connor returns from Afghanistan to a custody battle for his children, he asks his wife’s best friend, Eve, to move in with him to make his children feel more comfortable. Eve’s testimony is what wins him the custody case. However, a social worker is concerned about Eve being single and living with Connor, so they fake an engagement which causes an uproar within their feuding families. 
The emotions and depth of feelings that the author uses will keep you engaged throughout the entire book. There are plenty of subplots and family dysfunctions to keep you entertained as well. 
Rating: 4 stars  

Something Like This by Eileen Cruz Coleman #BookBlitz and #Giveaway

Something Like This by Eileen Cruz Coleman 
Secrets Series, #1
Publication date: April 24th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Twenty-three-year old Jadie Santiago has a secret.
One morning on her way to work she stops to offer a homeless man a bottle of water. As she meets the man’s eyes, Jadie instantly recognizes they belong to her father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was sixteen. Unable to accept the truth of her encounter, Jadie flees, hoping eventually to forget the experience and continue leading a normal life.
But then she meets Reece, an aspiring writer with a mysterious past who is set on capturing Jadie’s affection. Jadie wants nothing more than to give her heart to Reece, but her broken past and crippling secret keep her from surrendering it to him fully.
Things won’t come easy to Jadie as she fights for her place in the world, but there is strength in her, and she is determined never to stop struggling for what so many others have:  love, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Goodreads // Amazon // B&N 

Eileen Cruz Coleman was born in Washington, D.C. to an immigrant El Salvadoran mother and a Puerto Rican father. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in History. Her short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals both online and in print. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

To stay in touch with her, subscribe to her e-newsletter. Cut and paste this URL into your browser: eepurl.com/vAmTz

Author Links:
I ran my fingers down the sides of my dress. Wow, could I be more obvious? Here I was trying to fix myself up in front of a complete stranger, who for some reason was making me very nervous. “Oh, well, why are you here?” I managed to spit out.
He winked at me. “To see you.”
Yep, I’m going to faint right here in front of him.
“I came to ask you if you’ve changed your mind about having lunch with me.”
I swallowed and forced my cheeks not to blush. “I have a busy day today…I’m not sure I can take lunch.” I lied. Mr. Walker didn’t have a single appointment on his schedule. And on days when he had a clear schedule, he often came in late or took a longer than usual lunch.
“I know for a fact you can take lunch today. I called my uncle and asked him.”
“Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not stalking you or anything.”
“You called my boss about my schedule. Why would I think you’re stalking me? What you did is completely normal. Yep, totally normal.”
He crossed his arms. “Maybe it comes across a little weird.” Then he uncrossed his arms. “Look, I’m a good guy. All I’m asking is for you to let me take you to lunch. One hour, less, if you want, and then you can see for yourself whether or not I’m some crazy stalker, which I assure you, I’m not.”
I looked him up and down and gave in. “I’ll agree to coffee and if that goes well…”
He smiled. “Coffee it is.”
“Come back tomorrow morning,” I said, taking my handbag off my chair and placing it on my desk.
“What’s wrong with now?”
I sat down and pulled myself close to my desk. “I just got here.”
“Oh, come on, you’ll only be gone a few minutes.” He gave Mr. Walker’s door a glance. “My uncle isn’t even in yet.”
Sighing, I said, “Twenty minutes, and if I get fired over this…”
“You won’t get fired, I promise.”
Grabbing my purse, I stood. “Where shall we go?”
My stomach started aching. Had I known Reece was going to surprise me, I would have called in sick.
“There’s a place down the street just past the train tracks,” he said.
My heart melted and slid to my toes. We’d have to pass my father. “I’d rather not go to that one.”
“Why not?”
I cleared my throat. “I would rather we not go to that one. Is that okay?”
“There’s one across the street. You okay with going there?”
I nodded.
“We’re off to a good start,” he said.
“What makes you say that?”
“We haven’t even been on a date and I already know something about you.”
“And what is that?”

“You’re very particular about where you get your coffee from.”

There is a blitz wide giveaway for a $75 Amazon gift card going on until May 7th. 

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Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin Release Day #Blitz and #Giveaway

 Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin
Dearest #3
Release Date: April 27, 2015
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Design by Krista Ritchie

What’s the worst thing about wanting a sexy NFL football player? Everyone else wants him, too. 

After catching my boyfriend getting deep-throated by a skanky cage girl, I’ve learned my lesson- never date a professional athlete. Never. Besides, I have more important things to worry about, like not blowing my shot to make it as a broadcast reporter. I won’t let anything get in my way, not even the new “it boy” of the NFL and my hot-as-hell neighbor. 

What’s the worst thing about getting death glares from his new neighbor? It doesn’t make him want her any less. 

I’ve worked my ass off to make it to the pros. The last thing I need is the complication of a relationship, especially since my last one was a total train wreck. But I can’t stop thinking about the feisty girl next door with the smart mouth. And I’d love nothing more than to show her what to do with that mouth. 

Friends with benefits might be the best idea he’s ever had. Or the worst. 
Kissing Madeline is a companion novel to DEAREST CLEMENTINE and FINDING DANDELION. Each book is a standalone. To celebrate the release of KISSING MADELINE, DEAREST CLEMENTINE is currently free! This is only for a limited time so be sure to grab your copy while you can! (links below)

About The Author
Lex Martin writes new adult novels, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. When she’s not writing, she lives a parallel life as an English teacher. She loves printing black and white photos, listening to music on vinyl, and getting lost in a great book. Bitten by wanderlust, she’s lived all over the country but currently resides in the City of Angels with her husband and twin daughters.

Connect with Lex: 
Dearest Series Fan Group: http://on.fb.me/1oJN3mZ
Newsletter:  http://bit.ly/1CgVvUO

Other Books in Series

 DEAREST CLEMENTINE (#1 – Clementine & Gavin):

Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn’t mind being called bitchy and closed off. It’s safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good.
Her number one rule for survival? No dating. That is until she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class and needs material for her latest assignment. Sexy RA Gavin Murphy is more than happy to play the part of book boyfriend to help Clem find some inspiration, even if that means making out…in the name of research, of course.
As Gavin and Clem grow closer, they get entangled in the mystery surrounding a missing Boston University student, and Clem unwittingly becomes a possible target. Gavin tries to show Clem she can handle falling in love again, but she knows she has to be careful because her heart’s at stake…and maybe even her life.

FINDING DANDELION (#2 – Jax and Dani):
When soccer all-star Jax Avery collides with Dani Hart on his twenty-first birthday, their connection is instantaneous and explosive. For the first time in years, Jax isn’t interested in his usual hit-it and quit-it approach.
But Dani knows better. Allowing herself a night to be carefree and feel the intensity of their attraction won’t change anything when it comes to dealing with a player. So when Jax doesn’t recognize Dani the next time he sees her, it shouldn’t be a total shock. The fact that he’s her new roommate’s brother? That’s a shock.
Dani doesn’t regret that night with Jax, just the need to lie about it. Since her roommate has made it clear what she thinks about her brother’s “type” of girl, the last thing Dani wants is to admit what happened.
Jax knows he’s walking a fine line on the soccer team. One more misstep and he’s off the roster, his plans to go pro be damned. Except he can’t seem to care. About anything… except for the one girl who keeps invading his dreams.
Despite Jax’s fuzzy memory of his hot hookup with his sister’s friend, he can’t stay away from her, even if it means breaking his own rules. But there are bigger forces at work–realities that can end Dani’s college career and lies that can tear them apart.
Jax realizes what he’s losing if Dani walks away, but will he sacrifice his future to be with her? And will she let him if he does?

To celebrate the release of KISSING MADELINE, there is a huge giveaway for signed paperbacks and eBooks. Open internationally. 

Ropes and Revenge by Jessie Evans #BookBlitz

Ropes and Revenge by Jessie Evans
Lonesome Point, Texas #6
Publication date: April 14th 2015
Genres: Adult, Suspense

Eight months ago, John Lawson lost his wife and best friend in a tragic accident on his family’s ranch. In the time since, he’s devoted himself to two things—taking care of his two newly motherless sons and proving that Lily’s accident was no accident. Now, he finally has hard evidence that his wife was murdered and he won’t rest until he has the killer’s blood on his hands. He doesn’t have time for anything but vengeance, especially not a crazy ghost hunter wanting to poke around the old spring on his family’s ranch.

Persephone Styles—Percy to her friends—learned about ghosts the hard way, when she was orphaned by a violent crime at the age of seven. Ever since, she’s seen spirits and been obsessed with studying souls beyond the grave. She’s in Lonesome Point to document the town’s spectral activity, but finds herself powerfully drawn to widower John Lawson and empathizing with his grieving children. For the first time in years, Percy is as riveted by the living as she’s always been by the dead and longs to be a part of John’s life.
But when one night of passion becomes something more, Percy realizes John is as haunted as she is and that the man she’s coming to love is walking a dangerous road that may end with him becoming a murderer’s next victim.
Goodreads // Amazon // B&N 
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessie Evans, gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write the sexy, contemporary romances she loves to read.

She’s married to the man of her dreams, and together they’re raising a few adorable, mischievous children in a cottage in the jungle. She grew up in rural Arkansas, spending summers running wild, being chewed by chiggers, and now appreciates her home in a chigger-free part of the world even more.

When she’s not writing, Jessie enjoys playing her dulcimer (badly), sewing the worlds ugliest quilts to give to her friends, going for bike rides with her house full of boys, and drifting in and out on the waves, feeling thankful for sun, surf, and lovely people to share them with.

Author links:


 Cake or Pie?
Cake. Always Cake. Forever Cake.
Rock or Country?
Homebody or Wanderluster?
Wanderluster. I haven’t lived in the same city for more than 4 years since I was a child. I like to roam and see what there is to see.
Love or Money?
Love. Always Love. Forever Love.
Boxers or Boxer Briefs on your hero?
Boxer briefs. (Briefs are an abomination.)
Mermaid or Pirate?
Pirate mermaid. That sounds like fun.
All Natural or All Made Up?
All Natural. I love being able to shower and go in five minutes.
Tennis Shoes or High Heels?
Bare feet, unless it’s date night. Then boots J.
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee. And lots of it. Tea in the afternoons when I need to decaffeinate.
Sports Car or Pick-up Truck?
Pick-up Truck. Though I’ve never driven a sports car so I could possibly be converted.
Ruler follower or Rule bender?
Rule bender. That’s what rules are made for ;).
Kittens or llamas?
Kittens. I had a llama spit on me at the zoo when I was six.
Pickles or Cucumbers?

Weekly Book Recap #14

The #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge kicked off April 1st so I’m reading more library books this month and sharing with you about my library.

What I Posted: 

What I Read: 

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard (Audiobook) (Library)
Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Audiobook) (Library)
Currently Reading: 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Library)
Beckon Me by Cindy Thomas
Cupcakes and Crushes by Keri Ford (Netgalley)
Up Next: 
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (Library)
Unforgiven by Lori Adams (Netgalley)

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Week 3 Update

I didn’t get a lot of reading done this week because I’ve been sick. Reading an actual book made me quite dizzy so it was all about audiobooks this past week. I finished Pretty Little Liars (audiobook) and Cinder (audiobook). I also started listening to Scarlet.

This week’s topic is Why You Love Libraries. 
I love libraries because you can find almost anything there. If there is a subject you want to know more about chances are you can find it at a library. I also love being able to read books that I normally wouldn’t be able to. If I had to buy all the books I wanted to read and didn’t have a way to read any books for free, I wouldn’t have read most of the books that I have. 
I love the selection of audiobooks that the library offers. Sometimes it’s much easier to listen to a book than to sit down and read it especially if you are busy. It’s nice to be able to borrow audiobooks. 

Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth #BookBlitz

Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth 
Publication date: March 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Every Sunday Savannah Ray gets an email from her dead dad. She doesn’t know how the emails work and she doesn’t mind either as she’s not ready to let go. Now that her mom is fed up of her rebellious behavior, she has to go to the one place she swore she’d never set foot in after he died—Haunted Valley, the amusement park. Once there and bullied by co-workers & customers, she is distracted by the charming Dallas and falls hard for him.  But Savannah and Dallas both hold secrets that threaten their new relationship. Will Haunted Valley help her move on, or will it destroy her from the inside out?
Goodreads // Amazon // B&N

Kimberly Loth can’t decide where she wants to settle down. She’s lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina. She finally decided to make the leap and leave the U.S. behind for a few years. Currently, she lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and two kids.

She is a high school math teacher by day (please don’t hold that against her) and YA author by night. She loves romantic movies, chocolate, roses, and crazy adventures. Kissed is her first novel.
Author links:https://www.facebook.com/kimberlylothbooks


Dallas sat on the rock, his face turned up to the sunlight. Damn, he was hot. My head went a little fuzzy. Whoa. Where did the nothing go? Feelings were coming more and more often now. It was crazy that I’d never felt a thing for Zane, but in less than two weeks I was feeling all kinds of crazy things for Dallas.
“I’m still not sure about this,” I said as we walked out into the park. He wore a real polo shirt with a popped collar and loose khaki shorts. Definitely a rich boy. Usually I avoided this type at school, they were cocky and never had the time of day for a girl like me unless I was the butt of a joke.
“Do coasters make you sick?” he asked.
“No, they just hold too many memories,” I kept my eyes trained on my tennis shoes instead of him.
“More cryptic answers. I’ll get them out of you one of these days.” I risked a look and he had that devastating smile plastered on his face again. If he kept looking at me like that, then he was right. I’d spill my guts faster than the Demon Drop plummeted.
All of the rides in Spook Alley were built with dark brown wood, and when I stepped inside I felt like I was in a massive haunted tree house with pictures of little witches and cute ghosts everywhere. The smell of cotton candy was overwhelming. Instead I inhaled deeply and smiled. Amusement parks always smelled like cotton candy. That and corn dogs.
He cocked his head.
“What?” I asked, suddenly self-conscious.
“You’re smiling a real smile. It’s a sight I don’t see very often. It’s much prettier than the fake one.”
I blushed.
“I smell cotton candy. It’s one of my favorite smells.”
He nodded. “I’ll remember that next time I buy cologne. Cotton candy and chocolate.”
I laughed. “Good luck with that one. FYI, chocolate scented things don’t really smell like chocolate. It’s the real stuff or nothing.”
“So if I carry a Hershey bar in my pocket, will that work?”
“No. That’s weak chocolate. Go European.”
He was quiet for a minute as we walked deeper into Spook Alley. The rides got smaller and smaller. I didn’t even know if we were allowed to ride them.
“Do heights bother you?”
“Not really.” I looked around at the little kid rides. All the lines were empty.
“Then the Sneaking Ghost it is.”
“Sounds scary.” I replied.
He laughed.
“Oh yeah, real scary.”
We climbed two flights of stairs and into a little ghost car. The girl checking our belts flirted with Dallas. I rolled my eyes. Was there any girl who didn’t want him?
“When are you going to come out with the Spook Alley gang again? We miss you.” She pouted a little. Unfortunately, it just made her look cute. He really could have anyone. No way he actually wanted me. This was either about Grant or chocolate.
He held up his hands in an “I don’t know” gesture.
“My evenings are a little full,” he said and put his arm around me. Some girls would’ve been ecstatic, but I was a little annoyed he used me to put her off. Shame on him to lead me on.
The car jerked a little and off we went. About two miles per hour on an elevated flat track. I shrugged off his arm.
“My, my, you are in high demand.”
He grimaced and rubbed the back of his neck.
“Obviously that was a total lie. Most nights I go home and read a book.”
I didn’t believe that for a second.
“Right and I party every night with a different guy.” I folded my arms in front of my chest. Why was I doing this again?
He sat back and looked out over the kids running around under the track. I thought maybe I’d offended him until he turned back to me, his eyebrows creased.
“It’s true. But I have an idea. Why don’t we hang out every night? Then I wouldn’t be lying, would I?”
I looked over at him and he smiled. I replied without thinking.
He put his arm around me again. This time I let him. The girl was nowhere in sight and so he wasn’t just using me. Plus, it felt nice. Then I immediately felt guilty. What right did I have to feel nice? Never mind that I was feeling again.
“Why are you so concerned with the little white lie?” I asked.
“I don’t like lying to people. Ever. But when she pounced on me like that I didn’t know what else to say.”
“I take it you don’t like her.”
He sighed and tugged me a little closer. My heart beat faster. I took a deep breath, hoping to still my heart. He didn’t seem to notice. A few kids screamed below us and I had to lean closer to him to hear. He had very nice lips. They weren’t cracked like a lot of boys’. He must use Chapstick or something.
“She’s nice enough. But she came with us to the casino last week and I couldn’t shake her off. She followed me around to all the tables. I’d finally found a slot machine deep in the middle of a crowd and I thought I’d lost her but just after I put a twenty into the machine the person next to me left and she sat down. She went on for thirty minutes about why we would be perfect for each other. As soon as she said the M word, I bailed. Left six bucks in the machine and didn’t look back.”
“The M word?”
I laughed. “Poor girl.”
He mocked outrage.
“Poor girl? Poor me. Well, not anymore, as my social calendar is now completely full. Thanks to an unsuspecting Savannah.”
The little ghost pulled back into the station and Dallas held out his hand to help me out. Instead of letting go, he adjusted his grip so that our fingers intertwined. His hand was smooth and his fingers swallowed mine.
Holy crap.
The last time I felt butterflies was the summer before my sophomore year when Eddie kissed me on the Ferris wheel at the fair. So cliché, but I remembered the butterflies because Dad had died the following week. I hadn’t felt that way since. Even now my chest ached, the pain of my dad’s death as raw as it was two years ago. I shook my head. Empty. Go back to the empty.