Sorry I haven’t been around lately! I’ve been super busy with life. I moved into a bigger apartment at the end of June and that took a couple of weeks to get everything completely unpacked and put away. This past Saturday I took the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam which is the first part of becoming a licensed engineer in the state of Mississippi. I spent all last week studying for it and I didn’t get to read any at all. I’m way behind on reviews but I’m hoping that I can start working on getting caught up.

In other news, I go back to the Dr. on July 30th to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl and I’m super excited for this appointment!

Find Me in Manhattan by Shealy James #BlogTour #Review

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Date Published: March 25, 2015

Find Me in Manhattan is a stand-alone spin-off novel from the Finding Series.

Sarah Grant is finally living her dream in the Big Apple. While working to achieve her life’s ambitions, she becomes ensnared by the charming and charismatic Jameson Carmichael. Just when Jameson threatens Sarah’s safety, a dream-worthy hero falls in her lap making her question everything she had ever believed about herself.
Sergeant Michael Pearson is merely existing in this nightmare he calls life. He is attempting to have a normal existence, while struggling to discover who he is after the army. When an opportunity save someone arises, he doesn’t hesitate, but Michael doesn’t realize that he is rescuing the one woman in a city of millions that can make him want to truly live again.
Sarah and Michael discover a connection that runs deep, but can they find love in a city known for heartbreak?
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Shealy James is a Georgia native who teaches middle school by day and disappears into the world of fiction at night.  She is an avid reader and writer who hopes to one day write full time and leave the world of middle school angst behind. A sucker for love and happy endings, Shealy likes to combine humor and drama to create stories that are both emotional as well as entertaining. 
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This is a beautiful story of friendship growing into love. Sarah is a southern girl who has always dreamed of moving to Manhattan and getting a degree in psychology. Michael is suffering from PTSD and never imagines that saving a woman will change his life.

I love the delicacy that is used when discussing the PTSD in this story. It shows real knowledge of what people suffering from this really go through. This book will make you feel the emotions with the characters.

Rating: 4 stars

Alpha’s Heir by AJ Tipton #Promo

Alpha’s Heir: A BBW Paranormal Romance by AJ Tipton
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Series Name: Bear Shifter Billionaire

This billionaire bear will do anything to protect his tasty mate. 
Orson Antonov has everything: billions of dollars, stunning good looks, and the respect of his bear shifter clan. The only thing he doesn’t have is his freedom. Forced to marry a woman he doesn’t love to unite the clans, can Orson find the strength to break free? 
When he meets Casey, the beautiful, full-figured woman of his dreams, he invites her to his luxurious mansion in the woods. He believes he has finally found the inspiration to fight for freedom…and for love. 
Casey dreams of launching her part-time catering jobs into a large scale business. She loves to feed people almost as much as she hates crappy dates and being told she is not good enough because of her size. 
When the mysterious and unbearably sexy Orson comes into her life, everything changes. Swept into a world of stunning luxury and warring bears, can Casey survive the exciting and terrifying domain of her new mate? 
This novella includes sassy curvy women, drool-worthy cooking, harrowing shifter battles, and a love so hot it sizzles. 
This STANDALONE novella is part of the “Bear Shifter Billionaire” series which can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

This book will be free on Amazon from July 3rd through July 7th. 

Tragically Broken by N.J. Danner #BlogTour #Review

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: March 1, 2015 (second edition) 
Original edition published April 2014
Tragedy destroyed Alex Kohen’s life, until fate offered her a chance to escape her nightmares and possibly find love…
Beautiful, compassionate Dr. Alex Kohen had the perfect life – until, in an instant, it was tragically ripped from her. Plagued by her demons, Alex moves to a new city and devotes herself to her work and her patients. But her secrets continue to haunt her, making her afraid to build a future outside of her career. Convinced that her heart is irreparably broken, Alex has closed herself off to the possibility of love.
That is, until she meets sexy, confident Kellen Rhion ­– a wealthy CEO with a reputation as the ultimate playboy. Kellen, plagued by personal tragedies of his own, knows from the moment they meet that Alex is the woman he wants. And with patient determination, he slowly begins to break down her long-fortified defenses.
Although they meet under tragic circumstances, out of that catastrophe is born a connection that neither can deny. And despite the challenges of their demanding and busy careers, Alex and Kellen find the time to nurture their growing relationship. They struggle through obstacle after obstacle, including Kellen’s celebrity lifestyle and Alex’s emotional baggage.
But after Kellen’s supposed betrayal and brush with death, can Alex really trust him with her heart? And can Kellen accept that she will always, in a way, be broken?

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This is a great contemporary romance about losing the person you thought was your soulmate and the struggle to move on from that. It shows that no matter what you’ve been through it is possible to love and be loved for who you are. 

Alex struggles with her husband’s death throughout the novel and it is emotional. I love books that can make you feel emotions along with the characters and this book does not disappoint in that aspect. Kellen is a sweet genuine guy who cares for Alex and wants to be there for her but struggles with figuring out if she will ever fully trust him. 

Rating: 4 stars
About the Author
If you have already read my book, then you have already seen into part of my soul. Each of my characters is a part of me. They each have some aspect of my personality, or represent who I wish I could be or would hate to be.

I have always been an avid reader, even as a child, and I’ve always loved to get lost in a good book. Reading a book would take over my life, and at times it still does. It is my addiction. Once I start a book, I cannot put it down until I know the end of the story … which may be a few books later. Same thing with writing – once the story pops into my head, I obsess about it until I have it down on paper. I have notes on scenes all over. Some have already been developed into a book, and some are waiting for the rest of the storyline to be written in order to find their journey and see where it ends.  

For a decade, or more, I had to put all that creativity on hold while I dedicated my life to my professional career and creating my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and two angelic children.  Supporting and nurturing them is now my number one priority. 
Once my life reached a stable point, I was finally able to find time to rekindle my love of books. Twilight took me by storm, which then catapulted me to Fifty Shades of Grey. “It all started with a vampire who was replaced by a man with a whip.” Reading tales written by my favorite authors reignited my own creativity, my mind wandered into stories of my own, and now, amazingly, I am an author.  
When my time is not consumed watching my daughter dance or my son play hockey, spending time with my husband, or working, I am lost in either reading a good book or writing. Disney World is my respite and I love all things Mickey. My family and friends are incredible people and support me in all that I do. I have learned that life is too short, and we have to take time to enjoy its simple pleasures.