Fall Bloggiesta To Do List

It’s Bloggiesta time again! I love participating in Bloggiesta because it just motivates me to take a look at my to do list and actually focus on getting some of it done. Here’s my to do list for this Bloggiesta.

  • Write 6 reviews. Only wrote 4
  • Schedule 2 weeks worth of posts 
  • Comment on other participants blogs
  • Participate in at least one Twitter chat. Didn’t have time
  • Participate in 3-4 mini challenges
  • Update Goodreads 
  • Finish up spreadsheet containing all eBooks I own. Got about 90% done with this. 
I’ll update this post once Bloggiesta starts and I start making progress on each of these tasks.

Thursday, September 17th

  • I participated in the Creating Post Templates mini challenge hosted by Trish at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity.
  • Worked on spreadsheet
Friday, September 18th
  • I participated in the Getting the Most Out of Challenges mini challenge hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey. 
  • Worked on spreadsheet
  • Worked on updating Goodreads
  • Wrote 2 reviews (posted one and scheduled one)
Saturday, September 19th
  • I didn’t have time to work on anything for the blog. 
Sunday, September 20th
  • Worked on spreadsheet
  • Finished updating Goodreads
  • Wrote 2 reviews (scheduled)
  • Wrote and scheduled other posts.