Bad Boy Daddy by Chance Carter #Review

Title: Bad Boy Daddy
Author: Chance Carter

Format: eBook, 384 pages

Publisher: Chance Carter (self published)
Publication Date: October 3rd 2015

I received an eARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

He wanted a baby. I needed a man
The first time I saw Jackson, I hated his guts. He was everything I could never have. Pure, panty-wetting, manhood. And I was trapped in a loveless relationship with his worst enemy. I never would have dreamed he craved my womb so badly he was willing to do anything for it. 
My father’s death taught me a lot of things. Most importantly, I needed a child. I had to have a son before my enemies caught up with me. So when Faith came begging for protection, I knew exactly what I wanted. I yearned for her body. Lust raged through me like a wildfire. I longed to make her pregnant with my child. I gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse. A life for a life. My protection, in exchange for everything she had to offer. I’d die for her, but she would give me a son. 
I took her womb. I never suspected she’d take my heart.


Faith wanted out of a bad relationship when she runs into Jackson. He agrees to help her out but only if she’ll give him a child. The insta love thing is done all the time so that part I could handle. The part that bothered me was the “I know I got you pregnant” thing after like 2 days together. I know that it is possible to get pregnant that quickly but I also know that some people struggle with it and have a hard time. 

The book had some really steamy moments in it which I loved. I didn’t like that Jackson was constantly telling Faith that she was his and he owned her. In my opinion she was way to submissive to him which is probably how she ended up in the relationship with Wolfe at the beginning of the book. 

There is a time jump of 12 years in this book and I find it hard to believe that two people could still be so in love after very little contact for that amount of time that they don’t move on. I guess it’s possible but I just don’t know. 

Overall, I thought the book was good and it is a debut novel so I will definitely be giving the author another chance. 

Rating: 3.5 stars