Tie Me Down Tight by Cathryn Fox #Review

Tie Me Down Tight by Cathryn Fox
Published by Entangled: Brazen on March 14th 2016
eBook, 93 pages
Actress Angie Stanton is done dating actors. Been there done that and has the “dumped fiancée” T-shirt to prove it. Handsome leading men can’t be trusted. Period. But when a hot cowboy shows up at her twenty-sixth birthday party, she’s all about unwrapping her present and playing with it.

The last thing Hollywood heavyweight Dylan Brooks wants is to dress up like a cowboy and attend a party for some chick he doesn’t know. But when the sweet girl with the angelic face looks at him like she wants to eat him alive, he pulls out his lasso and ties her down tight.

When Dylan asks for one week of fun, Angie can’t resist. But she won’t fall again, no matter how tempting he might be. And she’s not the only one with trust issues…

**I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review.**
Tie Me Down Tight is a short, fun read. It’s really sexy which you would expect from such a title. It’s not very believable but is most definitely like something out of a fantasy. I wouldn’t be able to resist a week of fun with Dylan either.
I didn’t care for the beginning since normally a woman wouldn’t just jump into bed with someone she thought was a stripper hired for her birthday party. This was part of what made this unbelievable for me. However, the chemistry between Angie and Dylan and their interactions after that initial meeting made up for it.
Rating: 4 stars