Playing the Perfect Boyfriend by Julie Particka #BlogTour #Review #Interview

Playing the Perfect Boyfriend by Julie Particka #BlogTour #Review #Interview

Playing the Perfect Boyfriend by Julie Particka #BlogTour #Review #InterviewPlaying the Perfect Boyfriend by Julie Particka
Series: Gone Hollywood #3
Published by Entangled Publishing on June 6th 2016
Pages: 220
Format: eBook

Wild child Jade Easler has never met a dick she didn’t like, but there’s only been one she thought about keeping. And now he’s back in town…right after she’s slept with charming Hollywood up-and-comer, Dean Hartley. The fastest way to get her ex’s attention? Show up on the arm of a sexy younger man. She just hopes Dean is up for the task of fake boyfriend…
When he hooked up with his beautifully curvy photographer, Dean thought he’d only get the one night she promised. But when she needs help convincing a former flame she’s ready to settle down, who is he to argue? He’ll get to show her—in as many ways as possible—that giving up crazy, hot sex for a stale, predictable life isn’t what she wants. And prove that what she needs is him.

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Jade is the kind of girl who doesn’t want a serious relationship. She just wants to have fun, is totally okay with casual sex and has had plenty of one night stands to prove it. Isak is the only guy who lasted for a few months and he is back in town.
Dean didn’t expect to have more than one night with Jade but when Isak comes back to town, Jade decides the best way to handle the situation is to show up on the arm of someone sexy and younger. She didn’t count on Dean trying to convince her to be with him.
Playing the Perfect Boyfriend is a fun read. I was a little confused at first because I thought Isak was going to have a bigger role than he did. I liked the chemistry between Jade and Dean. The story was slightly predictable but it was still good.
Interview with Julie Particka
  1. How did you decide which genre(s) to write?

I started out writing Urban Fantasy. It was what I loved to read, so it’s what I naturally gravitated toward writing in the beginning. (I still love it.) At a SF/F convention, I was introduced to steampunk, which was the first step toward my obsession there. (And it’s a genre I really wish would have a huge smash hit so it would take off.) Romantic suspense came in response to a specific call (I believe it was for “geek romance”). And contemporary…I think initially it was due to a conversation with a member of Entangled’s marketing team. Then that part of my writing career took on a life of its own.

However, I tend to suffer from burnout when I write too much of the same type of thing in a row. So I also have shelved YAs and paranormals and dystopians that I wrote, in part, to break up writing so much contemporary and romantic suspense.

  1. What do you like to do when you aren’t writing? 

I just started a new business selling LuLaRoe (the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever owned). And I have a house that insists on breaking all the time. The previous owners were DIYers who really shouldn’t have done things themselves, so I’m in maintenance mode pretty much non-stop. If you know any reasonably priced people in the metro Detroit area who do concrete—driveway and patio—or bathroom remodels—including plumbing—I’m in the market for both.)

But if you mean non-working stuff, my favorite thing is hanging with my kids. We’re all out-and-proud geeks, which is awesome because we have some of the best conversations. Whether it’s watching TV or playing board games or going on trips, they are my absolute favorite people in the world. I have a teen and a tween, so I’m going to hold onto our fantastic relationship as long as they’ll let me.

Other hobbies that I don’t get to indulge in nearly as often as I would like (ie—the outdoors stuff that is spendy): Horseback riding, white water rafting, jet skiing…  And travel. I need more of a travel budget so I can visit the readers all over the world who keep asking when I’m going to come visit. (I’m looking at you, Aussie fans. I’ll be there as soon as I can manage it!)

  1. Where did you get the inspiration for Playing the Perfect Boyfriend?

Partly from my own post-divorce life, but largely from a select group of my single friends. Women hit a certain age and the “When are you getting married?” and “When are you going to find a nice guy and settle down?” and “When are you going to have kids?” questions become a non-stop deluge. It’s happening older now, but it still happens.

I have a lot of friends who…don’t want the marriage and the house in the suburbs and the kids. They want other things—but they still want someone to share those things with. I looked at a lot of the romance I read, and in the end, it’s all about getting to the proposal or the wedding or the baby. And I wondered where the stories of people like my friends finding their version of happily-ever-after were. So Playing the Perfect Boyfriend is my fan letter to all those women doing it their own way—with no apologies or explanations—societal expectations be damned.

  1. What’s up next for you? 

I’m going to DisneyWorld!

No, seriously, I’m taking a much needed me-and-my-kids trip to Disney. It’s kind of a work-trip as I have a new NA series I’m working on that is set at a Disney-esque theme park, but mainly it’s just an opportunity for me and my minions to get out of Michigan for a little while and just be completely silly. If you happen to be at DisneyWorld in June and you see a family of three that’s being slightly-weirder-than-your-average-guests, that’s probably us. Say hi. My kids will think it’s hilarious 😉

About Julie Particka

Julie Particka was told to get serious about her future in Junior High. Several years after getting a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she realized being serious was over-rated and went back to her first love–writing. Now rather than spending her days in the drudgery of the lab or teaching science to high school students, she disappears into worlds of her own creation where monsters sometimes roam, but true love still conquers all.

She can most often be located in the Detroit area with her favorite minions (the ones who know her as Mom) where she is currently hatching a plot for world domination. It involves cookies for everyone, so she’s pretty sure there’s no way it can fail…except the minions keep eating the cookies.