Angelstone by Hanna Peach #Review

Angelstone by Hanna Peach
Series: Dark Angel #2
Published by Gypsy Publishing on May 29th 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 264
Format: eBook

After escaping from the Hollows, Jordan takes Alyx and Israel to Aradale, a secret Rogue community, where they appear to be safe − for now. But did they bring the enemy with them? “Mini”, the strange and speechless young girl they rescued from the Hollows, is not as she seems. Why was Elder Michael keeping her locked up? What is she hiding?
Out in the mortal cities, pieces of Black Stone, the only material that can disrupt the angels’ healing abilities, continue to be stolen to make weapons for Samyara’s dark army. Alyx and her friends must stop them, but this means infiltrating holy and guarded places to steal the Black Stone − a monastery in remote China, a mosque in Saudi Arabia, an art gallery in Florence and a cathedral in Peru.
Can they win this deadly race against the Darkened?

Also in this series: Angelfire
Angelstone is the second book in the Dark Angels series and picks up right where Angelfire left off. Things are not going well for Alyx and Israel. They are having problems in their relationship. There is also a war going on and they are on the run from the Darkened and some Angels.
This book really expands on the relationship between the mortal world and the Seraphim world. There are more details about how the angels hide from the humans than in the first book. I really enjoyed learning more about this because I had some questions about it after reading Angelfire.
There are times in the book where Alyx came across as petty and childish and I was a little disappointed. But she is young so most people act like that at that age so I can overlook it. Hanna Peach did a wonderful job on the continuation of this series.