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If you’re anything like me, you have a soft spot for a bad boy billionaire, and if you’re looking for your next Billionaire Book Boyfriend, look no further! I’m excited for you to meet Nic, the hero in Alison Aimes’ new Indulgence release, BILLIONAIRE BLACKMAIL! I’ve got all of the details, plus a sneak peek excerpt, so sit back and enjoy!



After a childhood spent on the streets, ruthless billionaire NikValenti has had his share of dealing with crooks. He thought that was behind him. Until the woman he’s been casually dating turns out to be the biggest con artist of them all. Now, with pride, money, and his company’s survival at stake, he won’t rest until she’s experienced his own brand of justice.

Sara Turner knows she’s no angel, but a few deliberate omissions…well, compared to the rest of her family, that’s choir girl behavior. But now the one man whose heart she’d hoped to steal is accusing her of embezzling from his company. Worse, he wants answers. And he’s come up with a foolproof way to ensure he gets them. One Sara must accept if she doesn’t want to end up in jail.

Nik might be trying to save his company, but he has a tough time ignoring the way Sara makes him burn. The passion between them is all-consuming, and each time he peels away a layer, he discovers there’s more to her than first meets the eye, but he can’t give in to his need. Nik will put everything on the line to find the truth…except his heart.

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Billionaire Blackmail (1) #DONE #2


“This isn’t some business transaction.” She pushed against him, freeing herself.

“Isn’t it always?” He resisted the urge to chase after her. “I’ve spent my whole life bartering, wheeling and dealing to survive. This feels as critical.” The back of his neck went hot at the look on her face, but he stuck to his guns. “I’ll ask you every step of the way. I won’t do a thing unless you agree.” He raised one eyebrow, a purposeful dare. “But you’ll have to stay true to your own agenda. I won’t hesitate to push mine.”

The challenge in her gaze made him even harder. “This doesn’t have to be a battle.”

“I think it does with you, and in the end, we’ll both win.” He crowded close, invading her space, but not actually touching her. “Step one. A kiss?”


Nik has a successful company that someone has been stealing from. He thinks that person is Sara and will do anything to get to the bottom of things. Sara is surprised to learn he thinks she embezzled from him. She wants nothing more than to win his heart. Nik and Sara have a lot in common when it comes to their childhoods. Both had parents who were on drugs and have tried to overcome that. Of course this leaves them both with trust issues. Now Nik has an offer Sara can’t refuse but can he keep his heart out of it?
I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well developed and I loved them. The sparks between them were captivating and I enjoyed the revenge aspect of the story.
Rating: 4 stars

About Alison Aimes:

Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sizzling contemporary romance Billionaire Blackmail as well as the action-packed, sexy sci-fi romance series The Condemned. A romance junkie with a PhD in Modern History, she’s an all-over-the-map kind of woman with a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she’s creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and her dog. When not in front of the computer, she can be found hanging with family and friends, hiking, trying to turn herself into a pretzel through yoga, or, last but not least, sitting on the couch imagining her characters’ next great adventures.

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