Organizing My Life

I have decided that I need to be more organized. I used to feel like I was an organized person but then I had a baby and all that fell apart. It is completely different organizing your life as a single person than it is when you had a child into the mix. I don’t like the way being unorganized makes me feel. Therefore, I am going to work on getting more organized.

Being organized can mean something to different to everybody. To me, it means planning my days as far as my personal life and my blogging life goes and having a home that I love and that isn’t cluttered. If you could see my house right now that might make you laugh. It looks pretty rough right now but that is why I know I need a change.

For this change to be more effective I will be posting updates here at least every two weeks. It may end up being a weekly update though. It just depends on how motivated I get. I still have a few details left to work out including where on earth to start. I do know that I will be working on designing my own planner for 2017 so I will share how that comes along. I also will try to have a few freebies for you. I have in my head what I want to create; I just hope it comes together like I want it to.

Do you ever feel unorganized? What would help you to feel more organized? I’d love to hear from you!