Fall Bloggiesta 2016

It’s time for the Fall Bloggiesta! This year it runs from September 15-18. I hope I can get a lot done.

  • Write 3 reviews.
  • Update reviews spreadsheet.
  • Start on October calendar.
  • Update all social media accounts.
  • Update all old reviews on UBB.
  • Participate in 2 mini challenges.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Post old reviews to Goodreads and Amazon.
I didn’t have as much time as I thought I was going to have but I did get half of my list done! I started updating my old reviews to UBB but only got a handful of them done. I didn’t even touch my social media accounts this week but that needs to be done soon.
Mini Challenges:
I participated in the Exactly What Does Your Web Host Do?, Bullet Journaling for Book Bloggers, and Make Your Own Book Map mini challenges.
Here is the tweet that contains my bullet journal attempt. I really want to give this a try now!
Here is my book map! It was really fun to start on but I haven’t made much progress on it yet.
  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    Great list! I am very eager to see what everyone does. Enjoy! Here’s my

  • I too have a very ambitious list. Here’s hoping we get through them.

    My Bloggiesta Page

    • You’re list is indeed ambitious! I’m sure we can do it! Happy Bloggiesta!

  • Awesome List! Good Luck with all your tasks! Happy Bloggiesta!

  • Crystal Green

    Sounds like a great list of things to do. I’d love to see you review spreadsheet. I’m a spreadsheet lover for sure.

    • When I get it finished and figure out exactly how I want it I will do a post about it. I keep changing my mind about what I want to include!

  • Oh starting on October – that is a great one! Happy Bloggiesta!

  • Great list of goals! I didn’t even think of starting an October calendar, so thanks for the reminder! Happy Bloggiesta!

  • I hope you were able to get a lot done from your list! I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted, but my list was WAY too long. I need to put all my old reviews on UBB too, but I have so much else to do before that! Great list!