The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs #Excerpt #Interview

The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs #Excerpt #InterviewThe Lying Planet by Carol Riggs
Published by Entangled: Teen on September 19, 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Format: eBook

Promise City. That’s the colony I’ve been aiming for all my life on the planet Liberty. The only thing standing in my way? The Machine. On my eighteenth birthday, this mysterious, octopus-like device will scan my brain and Test my deeds. Good thing I’ve been focusing on being Jay Lawton, hard worker and rule follower, my whole life. Freedom is just beyond my fingertips.

Or so I thought. Two weeks before my Testing with the Machine, I’ve stumbled upon a new reality. The truth. In a single sleepless night, everything I thought I knew about the adults in our colony changes. And the only one who’s totally on my side is the clever, beautiful rebel, Peyton. Together we have to convince the others to sabotage their Testings before it’s too late.

Before the ceremonies are over and the hunting begins.

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Interview with Carol Riggs
  1. What inspired you to become an author? 

As a sophomore in high school, I moved to the coast of Oregon and got an English teacher who directed me to write my first essay ever. I read my first Ray Bradbury book—Something Wicked This Way Comes, and was inspired and fascinated! From another English teacher, I took creative writing and science fiction classes, wrote a number of short stories, and learned how to send manuscripts off to publishers and start my collection of rejection slips. I wrote a bit more in college, but didn’t come back to it in earnest until my daughters trooped off to kindergarten.

  1. What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I’m never not writing. lol  Seriously, I do treat my writing like a job, and try to log in at least four hours a day when I’m not in book release mode. When I’m not writing or doing boring life chores like cleaning or cooking, I enjoy going on walks, doing miniature fabric art (gluing tiny scraps to make landscapes, etc.), listening to all styles of music, catching up on my YA reading, and drawing or painting; I have a Studio Arts degree. I don’t watch much TV, really. When I do, it’s usually sci-fi or fantasy on Netflix.

  1. Where did you get your inspiration for The Lying Planet

This story was born one night in 2010 as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, and I thought I heard a noise out in theliving room. It was probably our “haunted refrigerator” as we called it—that thing made more noises than a backfiring old jalopy. Whatever it was, my mind started spinning scenarios about What If. I figured this could be the initial pivotal moment of a YA novel, the story about a teen lying in the darkness of his room, and hearing… something. And getting up to investigate. That decision would be the beginning of a chain of events that would change his life forever.

  1. What’s up next for you? 

I’ve released TWO books in 2016, whew, which was awesome and exciting but mind-bogglingly busy. When the book promo dies down, I’ll get back to work on my latest YA fantasy, a retelling of a rather obscure French fairy tale that I’ve completely Carol-ized. I’m about 3/4 done and can’t wait to leap back in and finish the rough draft. Then comes thevigorous process of revising and polishing.

Right after morning sessions end on Friday, the scavenger team brings a charred body into the safe zone.

I’m heading down the walkway with my terraform class when I see the dingy yellow of the team’s coveralls. My first impulse is to bolt. But since we’re expected to check out the sight when it happens, we gather on the pavement like a herd of reluctant sheep. Other students join in as my girlfriend, Aubrie McKennis, reaches for my hand. All around us, smiles vanish and conversations halt while everyone stares at dried blood and crusty blackness.

Who died this time?

About Carol Riggs

Carol Riggs is an author of young adult fiction who lives in the beautiful green state of Oregon, USA. Her books include her sci-fi debut, The Body Institute, as well as her fantasy, Bottled, and her recently released sci-fi, The Lying Planet. She enjoys reading, drawing and painting, writing conferences, walking with her husband, and enjoying music and dance of all kinds. You will usually find her in her writing cave, surrounded by her dragon collection and the characters in her head.