Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone #DiscussionPost

I meant to post this on Friday but I’ve had a sick little one on my hands so I wasn’t able to put the finishing touches on it. One of my goals for this year is to post at least one discussion post a month. Prior to now, I haven’t really posted any discussion posts so this is a new thing for me. You can look for these posts the last Friday of every month.

I thought a good topic to start with would be stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s something that I’m doing with this post and I think we all need to do in our reading/blogging lives.

Typically when you hear the phrase “get out of your comfort zone”, the context is one of fitness. If you are trying to lose weight, then it’s extremely motivational to know that getting out of your comfort zone will help you. I think this concept applies to all areas of life so I want you to consider getting out of your reading comfort zone.

I typically read Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and occasionally fiction. I think most people have one genre that they typically read. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. There are so many wonderful books and authors out there that by sticking to one genre, I feel like I might be missing out on a really awesome book because it is in a genre that I don’t typically read.

Another goal I made for this year, is to read more books from the fantasy genre. I basically want to step out of my comfort zone and see if fantasy is something I enjoy. I’m still not sure where to even begin so if anyone has any fantasy books that they would recommend, leave me a comment.

What about you? Do you think stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to reading is a good idea? Or do you want to stay firmly in your comfort zone?