Blog Ahead Mini #1 Goals

It’s time for Blog Ahead Mini #1! This challenge is about upping your scheduled posts by 15. Any post counts as long as it is completed and goes live after March 15th. For more information or to sign up, click here.

I currently only have 1 scheduled post so I definitely need this challenge! I’m hoping to end this challenge with 20 posts scheduled. I’m going to focus on my posts for April A to Z and reviews that I just haven’t written yet.

I will update my progress each night with the number of posts I complete.

March 1-
March 2-
March 3-
March 4-
March 5-
March 6-
March 7-
March 8-
March 9-
March 10-
March 11-
March 12-
March 13-
March 14-
March 15-
Goal: 19 posts
Completed: 0 posts
  • I started March with zero posts scheduled, so don’t feel bad! Hoping to catch up with my reviews and do a few discussion posts if I can fit them in. Good luck!