J is for Juggling #atozchallenge

  • Today I’m talking juggling work, blogging, and a family. I have a full time job where I work 10 hours a day. During the week, I don’t get home until 7 pm. When I do get home, I want to be able to spend time with my daughter and my fiancé. Then I still need to be able to have time to read and work on the blog.

I’ve found that the key to being able to do everything you want is to pick what your priorities are every day. My number one priority is always to spend time with my family. They will always come first no matter what. In order to be able to accomplish everything I want as far as the blog is concerned I have to make sure I am not over scheduling myself.

I do this by figuring out the number of posts I want each week and sticking to that number. I read on my breaks at work and before bed to make sure I’m able to get the books I need to read done on time. It works for me and I enjoy it very much.

How do you juggle your work life and your family life?