Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon #BlogTour #Review

Don’t trust lust at first sight. 

Real Love #1
Jessica Lemmon
Releasing July 25th, 2017
Don’t trust lust at first sight. One woman chooses reality over fantasy in this friends-to-lovers romance. 

As an adult woman—and the vice president of a marketing firm—I shouldn’t be waiting by my office window to ogle the mystery man who jogs by every morning at 11:45. Sure, he’s a gorgeous, perfect specimen of the human race, but I can’t bring myself to hit on a total stranger. However, my best friend–slash–colleague Vince Carson thinks I should do more than talk to the guy. In fact, he’s borderline obsessive about “getting me laid.” (His words.) But the more time we spend together, the more it’s clear: The one I’m falling for is Vince.
Vince: Jackie Butler’s got it bad for some pompous, over-pumped A-hole who struts his stuff past her window. That doesn’t bother me. I know she deserves nice things. What does bother me is that she friend-zoned me big-time last year, so I can’t ask her out myself. But what if I set her up with Mr. Steroids? Then, when he breaks her heart, I can swoop in and save her like the nice guy I am. Everything’s going according to plan . . . until we share a ridiculously epic kiss. And suddenly anything is possible.

Eye Candy is the first book in the brand new Real Love series by Jessica Lemmon. This a friends-to-lovers story about two friends who helped each other through their divorces.
Jackie has been divorced three years but hasn’t been able to bring herself to date after her ex cheated on her. Every morning she watches a gorgeous guy jog by her window and she has no idea how to approach him but she wants to. Her best friend and co-vice president, Vince, decides to help her. He has an ulterior motive though. He plans to wait until this guy breaks her heart so that he can swoop in and make her see that she belongs with him. Things back fire when they share an intense kiss but it may be just what was needed.
I enjoyed this book and it’s take on the friends-to-lovers trope. This is a trope that is slightly overdone but this story was believable and the characters were well developed. I liked Jackie and how she was willing to finally put herself back out there. It’s hard when you have been cheated on and I’m glad she didn’t rush back out into the dating world before she was ready. Jessica Lemmon did a great job with these characters in that both of them were divorcees who were left but neither of them played the victim. Jackie didn’t date for awhile but she never came across as the “woe is me” type.  I also liked that Vince wasn’t the type of businessman who was all about his job. That was really refreshing. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!
Rating: 4 stars
A former job-hopper, Jessica Lemmon resides in Ohio with her husband and rescue dog. She holds a degree in graphic design currently gathering dust in an impressive frame. When she’s not writing super-sexy heroes, she can be found cooking, drawing, drinking coffee (okay, wine), and eating potato chips. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want.
Jessica is a social media junkie who loves to hear from readers. You can learn more at her website.


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