Monthly Wrap-up: July 2017

This month has been very trying. I bought a new car since I totaled my other one at the end of June. Our financial situation has been really tight and stressful due to my husband’s job shutting down for 2 weeks for inventory and July 4th holiday. About two weeks, Tupperware announced that they are closing Beauticontrol which was where my side income was coming from. They are technically still open until August 31st but it has made it difficult to sell anything due to a lot of products already being sold out. The past week and a half have been really hard but I know if we can just make it through this next week that we will be back on track financially.

As far as reading goes, I participated in the #24in48 Readathon the weekend of July 22-23. It was a lot of fun even though I only read for around 6 hours and finished 1 book. Since I have been so stressed out lately, I feel that I have read more. Reading helps me to escape. Here’s to hoping August is a better month.

Books Read
Blackmailing the Billionaire by Melody Anne
Legacy Strain by Taylor Brooke
Runaway Heiress by Melody Anne
The Billionaire’s Final Stand by Melody Anne
Vengeance by Shana Figueroa
Retribution by Shana Figueroa
Reckoning by Shana Figueroa
Sexy Beast by Piper Rayne
Puck Aholic by Lili Valente
Denying the Duke by Callie Hutton
The Scent of Roses by Sienna Blake
Where the Night Ends by Melissa Toppen
Carson by Melissa Foster
Privileged by Carrie Aarons
The Importance of Being Scandalous by Kimberly Bell
#MomFail Anthology
A Dance with Seduction by Alyssa Alexander
Where I Need to Be by Jamie Hollins
An Earl for the Archeress by E. Elizabeth Watson
My Hellion, My Heart by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan
Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon
Reviews Written