Mini Loaded Envelopes

If you’ve been around for awhile then you know that I love my planner. If you haven’t, you will learn that soon enough. I recently joined a few swap groups on Facebook to “help” my planner addiction and it has been awesome! I love getting Happy Mail!

About a month ago, there was a swap for a mini loaded envelope or flipbook. If you are like me, you probably have no idea what either of those are. Pinterest is awesome for finding this kind of thing and there are oodles of pictures and tutorials that you can find.

I opted for the mini loaded envelope and used this tutorial to make mine. It was super easy and gave me an excuse to get the scoring board I have been eyeing.

I used brown cardstock to make my envelope and then covered it with a cute scrapbook paper.

Then the fun really began as I tried to decide what all to put inside. I looked up tons of images on Pinterest and watched more tutorials to get an idea of what everyone put in their loaded envelopes. I found that normally there was a theme to the overall look of the envelope and there was always a wand.

I made my wand using two different scrapbook papers. I experimented with the sizes and found that these two fit nicely together. Then I used a bow embellishment I found at Hobby Lobby to finish it off and attached it to a pencil.

I used another bow embellishment and paper clip to make this cute clip. It’s so simple but I thought it looked really cute.

I found these cute tags at Hobby Lobby as well and added scrapbook paper to them and some twine to make a couple of cute gift tags. I also added a couple of embellishments to these as well.

I used a couple of tiny clothespins to hold my tags on and filled the rest of the envelope with stickers, washi tape, and a pencil to give it the complete look. I had to tape a couple of things in to ensure they stayed in the envelope.

What do you think? I will probably be making some more soon to send out to a few pen pals.

  • Wow! That looks amazing! I had never heard of mini loaded envelopes, but I’m not a crafty person!

    • I had never heard of them until I signed up for that swap. It was a lot of fun to make!