Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt #BlogTour #Review #Playlist

Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt #BlogTour #Review #Playlist

Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt #BlogTour #Review #PlaylistDuke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt
on October 17th 2017
Pages: 364
Format: Paperback
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Refined, kind, and intelligent, Lady Iris Jordan finds herself the unlikely target of a diabolical kidnapping. Her captors are the notoriously evil Lords of Chaos. When one of the masked-and-nude!-Lords spirits her away to his carriage, she shoots him…only to find she may have been a trifle hasty.

Cynical, scarred, and brooding, Raphael de Chartres, the Duke of Dyemore, has made it his personal mission to infiltrate the Lords of Chaos and destroy them. Rescuing Lady Jordan was never in his plans. But now with the Lords out to kill them both, he has but one choice: marry the lady in order to keep her safe.

Much to Raphael’s irritation, Iris insists on being the sort of duchess who involes herself in his life—and bed. Soon he’s drawn to both to her quick wit and her fiery passion. But when Iris discovers that Raphael’s past may be even more dangerous than the present, she falters. Is their love strong enough to withstand not only the Lords of Chaos but also Raphael’s own demons?

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Duke of Desire is book 12 in the Maiden Lane series. It’s the first book in this series that I have read so I was a little lost on some things but I don’t think it took away from the story. However, I pick up books in the middle of a series quite often. 😉

Iris has been kidnapped by the Lords of Chaos in a case of mistaken identity. They plan to sacrifice her in a ritual but one of the members saves her and offers her protection through marriage. Her reputation is ruined so she marries him. He’s the Raphael, the Duke of Dyemore and he is determined to bring down the Lords of Chaos and stop the evil they commit.

Raphael is emotionally scarred because of the things his father did to him as a child. His father used to be the leader of the Lords of Chaos and that’s why he is so determined to bring them down. I will say that the Lords of Chaos do really evil things that are quite gruesome so if that’s not your cup of tea, you might not enjoy this series. These are real things that happen in the world though. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and I want to go back and read the rest of this series.