Lady Evelyn’s Highland Protector by Tara Kingston #Interview #Excerpt

Lady Evelyn’s Highland Protector by Tara Kingston #Interview #Excerpt

Today on the blog, Tara Kingston stops by to discuss her newest release Lady Evelyn’s Highland Protector.

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today. I’d like to introduce Gerard MacMasters, the hero of my new Scottish Victorian romance, Lady Evelyn’s Highland Protector, to the readers through a character interview. Gerard is one of my favorite heroes. Courageous and bold, he’s also whip-smart and fiercely protective of those he cares for—especially Lady Evelyn. Now, for 3 questions with Gerard:

Tara ~ Mr. MacMasters, thank you for answering a few questions for the readers.  How would you describe the moment you first met Lady Evelyn Hunt?

Gerard ~ I spotted Lady Evelyn on the street in Inverness, and a lovelier lass I’d never laid eyes on before I saw her. Beautiful and bold. Spirit flashed in her eyes. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, even as I went in pursuit of an assassin I’d been trailing.

Tara ~ How would you describe your relationship with Lady Evelyn?

Gerard ~ I cannae say that we always see eye-to-eye, but that’s part of the fun. She’s one to challenge a man. Life with Evie is never boring.

Tara ~ How did you come to be her protector?

Gerard ~ The lass was in danger. There was good reason to believe she’d spotted an assassin in the act, and she was now a target. Protecting her became my priority. As I was on a mission when we first met, I couldnae let her know the true reason that I arrived at the castle she’d traveled to for her friend’s wedding. That made it more of a challenge. But it was well worth it.

Tara ~ I understand you must be going. Thank you for joining me for this conversation with the readers.

Gerard ~ Think nothing of it. It was my pleasure. Now, I’ve got to be getting back to Evie. We have plans to warm up this cold night, if ye take my meaning.

Tara ~ My, you are a bold one, aren’t you?

Gerard ~ [Flashes a grin.] In all the best ways, lass.

You can read Gerard and Lady Evelyn’s love story in my new release, Lady Evelyn’s Highland Protector. Here’s a little about the story and an excerpt:

A Highlander’s vow…Scottish spy Gerard MacMasters never expected to be playing bodyguard in his mission to catch a killer. Stunning English beauty, Lady Evelyn Hunt, has witnessed a merciless assassin’s escape—now, she’s in danger, and it’s up to him to keep her alive. Yet, he is drawn to the tempting woman. Passion flares, but he knows better than to fall for her. He’s already lost one woman he loved—never again will he put his heart on the line.

She shields her heart…After a crushing betrayal at the altar, Lady Evelyn wants nothing to do with love. Kissing a gorgeous rogue is one thing, but surrendering her heart is another matter. When she stumbles upon a mysterious crime, nothing prepares her for the dashing Scot who charges into her life. The hot-blooded Highlander may be her hero—or her undoing.


 “How could I consider myself a man if I didnae look out for my kin?”

“Quite so,” she said, considering his words. What would it be like to have a man such as Gerard MacMasters watching over her—protecting her?

His golden-brown irises darkened as he studied her face. “Ye’re a lady. Dinnae ever let anyone tell ye otherwise. Ye deserve to be treated as such.”

“A lady? Indeed…” She tilted her head, taking him in. “Some might say a lady would not have indulged in a scandalous kiss.”

“If ye were not a lady, I might’ve pressed my case for more. A kiss is only the beginning.”

Her mouth went dry. Devil take it, the promise in his words was far too enticing.

Pulling in a low breath, she clung to her fragile composure. “I assure you, your efforts would’ve been for naught.”

“A man could interpret that as a challenge.” He reached out, sweeping away a curl that had rebelliously escaped the confines of her chignon. “I could change your mind.”

“You might try,” she teased. “But you would not succeed.”

A knowing grin lit his eyes as he leaned back, settling his powerful body against the tufted upholstery of the Chippendale chair. “Damnable shame these bones of mine are weary tonight, or I’d put that challenge to the test.”

It was her turn to hike a brow. “Am I to infer you are not up to the task?”

“Nay, lass.” His voice had lost its undercurrent of humor. “Seduction isnae a task. Seduction is a pleasure to be savored—all through the night.” 

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About the Author

Award-winning author Tara Kingston writes historical romance laced with romantic suspense and adventures of the heart. She lives her own happily-ever-after in a cozy Victorian with her real-life hero and a pair of deceptively innocent-looking cats. When she’s not writing, reading, or burning dinner, Tara enjoys movie nights, cycling, hiking, DIY projects, and cheering on her favorite football team.

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