Twin Savage by Sunniva Dee #Review

Twin Savage by Sunniva Dee #ReviewTwin Savage on October 16th 2017
Pages: 380
Format: eBook

Grief comes in many forms.
There is no right or wrong way to grieve... Right?
Except, what if you douse that grief with sex
in ways so culturally unacceptable
you leave it to a veritable male harem
led by the porn-star brother of your fiancé
to decide if you’ll emerge
from the jungle intact?


It wasn't a problem to be the only girl in a house full of guys.
Until my fiancé died and his identical twin took over the roost.

Sweet, easygoing Julian passed, while loathsome, bossy Luka, who pays his way through med school by getting his dick wet on film, is still alive.

What kind of twisted reality is this?

Now, Luka’s on a mission to fix both of our grief.
Like I’d ever accept anything from him.
He doesn’t understand that gorgeous and sexy mean nothing if you’re a promiscuous jerk.

If only the nights didn’t destroy me.
They’re painful and long and empty,
until, on a Monday night, my insomnia attracts Diego.
That Tuesday, it attracts Lenny.
Next, it’s Marlon, James, Nathaniel,
and on Saturday, it’s Connor.

By Sunday night, I get the picture.
This is Luka doing what Luka does: solve problems with sex.
His remote-controlled comfort leaves me in our roommates’ arms six of seven nights.
On Sunday, there’s only one man left in the house.

There’s no way in hell I’m opening my door—or my heart—to a porn star.


After I read The Truth About Porn Star Boyfriends, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Twin Savage. Sunniva Dee really delivered with this one! The characters are so complex and though it has a morbid beginning I couldn’t put this book down!

I like that the author brought up cultural norms in this book. I mean it is about a Porn Star but she brings to light the double standards of society and gives it a new meaning. I don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to give anything away but just know that this is a must read!