About Me:

Welcome! My name is Brittany. I’m writing to you from Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve lived in Mississippi my whole life but I never really expected to still be here after graduating college in May 2014. I work full-time as an environmental engineer although my degree is in chemical engineering. I had a baby in December of 2015 and love being a mom.

I like Batman (if you can’t tell from my pic) and I can be super nerdy. My cat is named Chespin (after a pokemon). I’ve always been a pretty avid reader but had to basically take a break from books while I worked on my undergraduate degree due to lack of time and sleep. Now I have a lot more time to read and I’m loving it! I love to read literary fiction, young adult, and classics. I tend to read a lot of romance novels but occasionally I will try new things. I’m currently working on trying to read some nonfiction works.

About The Crafty Engineer’s Bookshelf:

I had originally planned to blog about some of my craft projects and didn’t plan on being a book blogger. However, once I started exploring some different blogs and saw how many reading challenges are out there, I decided to make this a book blog. I’m so glad I did! I had never written a review before starting this blog but I really enjoy being able to get all of my feelings out and letting other people know about them.