Weekly Book Recap #35

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Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson

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By the Rules by Elisabeth Staab

Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros #Review

Title: Hallowed Ground
Author: Rebecca Yarros

Genre: New Adult Romance
Series: Flight & Glory #4
Format: eBook, 410 pages

Publisher: Entangled: Embrace
Publication Date: January 25th 2016

**I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review.**

There are some debts you can’t repay. 

Josh Walker is loyal, reckless, and every girl’s dream. But he only has eyes for December Howard, the girl he’s craved since his high school hockey days. Together they have survived grief, the military, distance, and time as they’ve fought for stolen weekends between his post at Ft. Rucker and her college at Vanderbilt. Now that Josh is a medevac pilot and Ember is headed toward graduation, they’re moving on- and in- together.

Ember never wanted the Army life, but loving Josh means accepting whatever the army dictates- even when that means saying goodbye as Josh heads to Afghanistan, a country that nearly killed him once before and that took her father. But filling their last days together with love, passion, and plans for their future doesn’t temper Ember’s fear, and if there’s one thing she’s learned from her father’s death, it’s that there are some obstacles even love can’t conquer. 

Flight school is over.
This is war. 


Hallowed Ground is a wonderful ending to the Flight & Glory series. It goes back to Ember and Josh from Full Measures and a lot has happened in the two years they’ve been together. Ember and Josh just moved in together when he gets his orders for deployment to Afghanistan. Ember is scared since the last time Josh was over there, he got hurt and her father was killed. What happens during a war will leave scars that last a lifetime.

I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster for this entire book and I loved it. There aren’t many authors that can write in such a way that you feel every emotion that the characters feel as they feel them. Rebecca Yarros did an amazing job with this series. While I am sad that Flight & Glory is over, I can’t wait to read more from her.

Rating: 5 stars

Monthly Wrap-up: January 2016

Books Read: 
Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin

Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss

Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen

Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros

Kissed by a Seal by Zoe York

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2016 Choose Your Genre Challenge:
0/6 books

0/12 books

New Adult Romance
1. Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin
2. Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen
3. Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros
3/25 books

2016 Blogger Shame Challenge
0/25 books

2016 Pervy Girl Challenge
0/12 books

2016 New to You Challenge
1. Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss (new to me author)
2. Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan (new to me author)
3. Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen (new to me author)
3/25 books

2016 Pages Read Challenge
January: 1,582 pages
Total so far: 1,582/52,000 pages

2016 You Read How Many Books? Challenge
1. Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin
2. Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss
3. Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
4. Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen
5. Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros
6. Kissed by a Seal by Zoe York
6/100 books

12 Months Classics Challenge
January: A Classic You’ve Always Wanted to Read. 
0/12 books

2016 Hard Core Re-Reading Challenge
0/25 books

Mount TBR Reading Challenge
1. Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin
1/48 books

2016 Bad Boys of Romance Challenge
1. Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen
1/15 books

The Series That Never Ends 2016 Challenge
0/10 books

2016 Literary Pickers Challenge
0/50 items

2016 Alphabet Soup Challenge
A- Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen
D- Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
H- Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros
K- Kissing Madeline by Lex Martin
S- Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss
4/26 books

2016 Banned Books Challenge
0/6 books

2016 Audiobooks Challenge
0/10 audiobooks

US by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen #CoverReveal

Can your favorite hockey players finish their first season together undefeated?

Five months in, NHL forward Ryan Wesley is having a record-breaking rookie season. He’s living his dream of playing pro hockey and coming home every night to the man he loves-Jamie Canning, his longtime best friend turned boyfriend. There’s just one problem: the most important relationship of his life is one he needs to keep hidden, or else face a media storm that will eclipse his success on the ice.
Jamie loves Wes. He really, truly does. But hiding sucks. It’s not the life Jamie envisioned for himself, and the strain of keeping their secret is taking its toll. It doesn’t help that his new job isn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped, but he knows he can power through it as long as he has Wes. At least apartment 10B is their retreat, where they can always be themselves.
Or can they? When Wes’s noisiest teammate moves in upstairs, the threads of their carefully woven lie begin to unravel. With the outside world determined to take its best shot at them, can Wes and Jamie develop major-league relationship skills on the fly?
Warning: contains sexual situations, a vibrating chair, long-distance sexytimes, and proof that hockey players look hot in any shade of green.

Illicit Desires by Rose B. Mashal #BookBlitz #Giveaway

Illicit Desires
Rose B. Mashal
Publication date: January 27th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Her smiles brought my own to life. Her beautiful face was what made me get out of bed every morning. Looking into her eyes was my favorite part of the day.
She was in my every thought, in every passing second.
My lips craved her lips, and my hands yearned to touch her beautiful skin. My heart called out her name with every beat, and I only had eyes for her.
Her. My life, my soul, my personal Heaven-on-Earth.
She was everything I had ever wanted, but everything I could never have.
She was my flesh and blood.
She was my sister.

My heart started beating fast as I saw her coming down the stairs. Wearing her white, strapless sundress, with her hair down caressing her shoulders, she looked like an angel.
Her green eyes caught mine, and I saw the sadness filling them. She masked it right away, replacing it with a furious stare—trying to tell me that she was mad at me for what I did with her a while ago in her room.
Well, she could fool anyone else she wanted, but not me. She liked it, and I fucking knew it.
The hem of her short dress danced along her upper thighs as she took one hurried step after another. Ignoring her angry look, I licked my lips, knowing that it would make her look away because she wouldn’t want me to see the need in her eyes.
And that was exactly what she did. But she was helpless against the redness of the blush which covered her face and neck as she passed me.
“Daddy?” she began as she approached our father, who was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking his coffee while he read the newspaper.
“Hmm?” He looked up from the papers in his hand, facing her.
“I… Um, I want to talk with you about something,” she said, looking at the floor—her blush growing more intense.
“Sure. What is it?”
“I…Uh, I…” As Lily stood there, hesitant to say what she wanted to say, she looked at our mom, who was sitting at the table across from where Lily was standing. She even caught my eyes for a quick second, but then looked down right away.
“Do you want to go into my office, Lily?” he asked, placing the paper on the table.
“Uh, no… It’s fine. I just… Uh, well, I’m going to graduate soon, and … uh, there is that guy in my school—”
Fucking what?
“H—he asked me out more than one time and … uh, I want to say yes.”
“Lily, sweetheart, we’ve talked about this before, and you know the rule,” he said in his calm voice.
“But, Dad, I’m almost eighteen; I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m the only one my age who’s not allowed to date!”
“Lily, I—”
“Dave,” Mom interrupted, “I think Lily is mature enough to make good decisions.”
Fuck that, she doesn’t know shit.
“But, Beth, she’s not even eighteen yet.”
“Honey, it’s just a matter of a few months before she leaves for college. It’s better that she starts dating now and learns more about the kind of relationship she wants before she starts a new phase in her life. Don’t you think?”
My blood started to boil in my veins. My own mother was convincing my dad with logic. Now he was actually thinking about it. I didn’t want him to fucking think about it; I want him to say a clear no.
“Sweetheart, I don’t think it’s—”
“Please, Dad. Even Adrian is allowed to date, and we’re the same age. It’s not fair,” She pointed in my direction without looking.
“I’m older!” I called out, correcting her.
“By ten minutes, asshole!” she yelled back at me.
“Language, Lillian,” Mom warned.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! They were actually considering this bullshit? I had to set my glass of orange juice down on the table so I didn’t end up throwing it at one of them.
“The only reason I don’t want you to date is that you’re so innocent, and I don’t want someone to break your heart, sweetie.”
Or break your fucking hymen.
“I’m old enough to know how to choose, and I’m mature enough to face the responsibilities of my choices, Dad.”
My Dad let out a long sigh, and then I saw the hint of a smile forming on his lips.
No! No! No! No fucking way. Come on!
“So… That’s a yes?”
“Yes, Lily, you can say yes.” He smiled.
Fuck! A million fucking fucks!
“Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome.” She bent down and placed a kiss on his cheek.
“You’re welcome, sweetie. “
She did the same with Mom. “Thanks, Mom.”
She walked over and stood right in front of me. She was so close I could smell her soft peach shampoo as she leaned in a little bit, picking my glass up off the small table.
“I’ll take that if you don’t want it,” she smiled softly, not waiting for me to reply as she took a sip without taking her eyes off of mine. I’m sure that the green in them was replaced with the darkness of my anger.
I only snarled at her.
She leaned forward again, her lips just an inch away from my face. She was so close I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. It took everything in me not to moan.
“I win, Dear Brother, “she whispered and then touched her soft lips to my cheek.
She thought she was going to date now that she had permission?
She thought that she’d go out with a guy and kiss and hug and fuck?
She thought I’d ever allow anyone to touch what was mine?
No fucking way in hell!
When she was about to back off after kissing me, I gripped her forearm and whispered back. “Over my dead body, little sister.

Author Bio:
Rose is a loved mother, wife, and a stay at home lawyer. Writing is her passion, and reading is her obsession. Music is her best friend and sarcasm is her speaking trend. One of her joys is bringing happiness to others and her biggest wish is that they stay true to one another. Through her stories, she wants to spread nothing except understanding, peace and love.

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Last Call by Staci Hart #CoverReveal

Last Call Banner

Last Call Ebook

Photography by: Perrywinkle Photography
Designed by: Quirky Bird
Release Date: Feb 15, 2016
Once Rose Fisher makes a decision, that’s it. End of story.

 Like when her ex, Patrick, dumped her out of the blue, then showed up with a super hot, tatted up sex kitten on his arm. Then it was over for good. The end. Poof. Dead to her. Except he was everywhere — down the hall, at the bar with their friends, worming his way into her dreams.

 But with their friends paired off, they’re left alone more and more. Rose is determined to keep him friendzoned — doesn’t matter that he stares at her with a smolder that drops all panties in a ten foot radius. She’s over him, and she’ll prove it by getting back into the dating game, Patrick be damned.

 Patrick Evans is no stranger to consequences. When your mother walks out, your dad drifts away. When you leave home, you’re on your own. And when you run away from the girl you love, you lose her. He finally has an opportunity to rebuild the bridge he burned, and it’s not one he’ll take for granted. But he’ll have to fight for her, even if it hurts. Even if it means he’ll walk away brokenhearted. Because deep down, he knows that she’s it for him.

 The trick will be to get her to admit she feels it too.

Last Call Teaser
The Series
About the Author
Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life — a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can’t forget that. She’s also been a mom; she has three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She’s been a wife; even though she’s certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She’s also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she’s been drinking whiskey. Her favorite word starts with f and ends with k.
From roots in Houston, to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she’s not writing, she’s sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.
Last Call Wrap
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Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen #Review

Title: Anatomy of a Player
Author: Cindi Madsen

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook

Publisher: Entangled: Embrace
Publication Date: January 25th 2016

**I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review.**

This bad boy is about to get played…

After getting her heart broken by a player again, Whitney Porter is done with men. She’s focusing on her future career and her first assignment at the college newspaper: Posing as a sports writer for an expose on the extra perks jocks receive. But Hudson Decker, the bad boy of the hockey team, is about to test her resolve. To keep herself from breaking her no-sex rule with the temptingly tattooed athlete, she decides to use him for a side project: Anatomy of a player, to help Whitney-and women everywhere-spot a player, learn what makes him tick, and how to avoid falling for one. 

With his life spiraling out of control, Hudson Decker’s looking for a distraction. When his teammates bet him that he can’t land the gorgeous but prickly new reporter, he accepts the challenge, boasting he’ll have her in bed by the end of the semester. But Whitney is so much more than Hudson expected, and soon enough, he’s in too deep. The last thing he needs is another complication, but staying away isn’t an option. One thing’s for certain: this girl totally throws him off his game. 


Anatomy of a Player is a great read. There are plenty of funny moments and I really enjoyed the banter between Whitney and Hudson. Hudson is used to looking a girl and getting her because of his hockey player status (emphasis on the player). Whitney is tired of being played and is determined not to fall for a guy who is the definition of player. 

The article Whitney writes on the anatomy of a player was funny since it ended up being all about Hudson. I really enjoyed how she made him work to get with her and she didn’t just give it up. I’m glad we get both of their points of view otherwise I think no one would believe Hudson’s feelings for Whitney were real. 

The secondary characters were very likable and I enjoyed the fact that they didn’t take away from the main characters’ story. 

Rating: 4 stars

Weekly Book Recap #34

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme now hosted by Book Date.

The sleep deprivation that comes with being a new mom is real! I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like since every time I get a chance to read all I want to do is sleep.

What I Posted: 
Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
Currently Reading:

Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros

Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen

Up Next: 

Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson

Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss #Review

Title: Stealing the Bachelor
Author: Sonya Weiss

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, 155 pages

Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Publication Date: January 11th 2016

*I received this ARC for free in exchange for an honest review.*

A sweet category romance from Entangled’s Bliss Imprint…

She needs his help, but he has a price…

Having missed out on the “drop-dead-gorgeous” gene in her family, Ann Snyder decides to kick a little butt in the business world instead. That is, until her skeezy manager’s “side business” has the FDA raiding her chocolate shop. Now Ann’s in huge trouble…and the only person who can help her is the adorkable guy who completely humiliated her in high school.

Lawyer Eric Maxwell has been in love with Ann as long as he can remember. He figured he never stood a chance-don’t the beautiful girls always prefer the bad boys to the nerds? So he makes Ann a deal. He’ll provide her with free legal services…if she’ll move in and help transform him from nerd-without-a-clue to bona fide bad boy.

And once the transition is complete, all he has to do is prove that he’s the only bachelor for her…

Stealing the Bachelor is a short sweet read. Eric has always been in love with Ann but always gets tongued tied around her. He even told her he didn’t want to be her friend when what he meant was he wanted to be more than friends! 
Ann always goes for the bad boys which is why she ends up in trouble with the law. She asks Eric for help because she knows he will do what he can. She has a crush on him but thinks he doesn’t like her since she overheard him say she wasn’t pretty in high school. They strike a deal that he will help her pro bono if she turns him from a nerd to a bad boy. 
There are some hilarious moments. I was rooting for Eric the whole time but there were times when he definitely put his foot in his mouth and it was easy to see why Ann thought he didn’t like her. Overall it was a good read. 
Rating: 3.5 stars

Weekly Book Recap #33

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme now hosted by Book Date.

The sleep deprivation that comes with being a new mom is real! I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like since every time I get a chance to read all I want to do is sleep.

What I Posted: 
Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss

Currently Reading:

Now and Then by Mira Lyn Kelly

Up Next: 
Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros