Sexy Motherpucker by Lili Valente #Review

Sexy Motherpucker by Lili Valente #ReviewSexy Motherpucker by Lili Valente
Series: Bad Motherpuckers #2
Published by Self Taught Ninja on May 22nd 2017
Genres: Sports, Romance
Pages: 316
Format: eBook

When the family dog trots in with my diaphragm in its mouth—in front of my date, his parents, and his adorable little girl—you would think I’d hit rock bottom.
Let’s back this up a sec…
Brendan Daniels is the sexiest man alive. The captain of the Badger’s NHL team is also clever, kind, funny, and was my good friend…until we cruised out of the friend zone one weekend with a red-hot fling. Come Monday morning, I wanted to keep riding the Big O train to happy town, but Brendan wanted someone who was “stepmom” material.
A.K.A, not me, apparently.
The problem? I’m crazy in love with him and his daughter. So when he asks me to be his pretend girlfriend for a long weekend with his former in-laws, I say yes. We’re still friends, after all, and friends don’t let friends fake it alone.
Laura Collins is the last woman I should be thinking about taking in the back seat of my car, in the woods behind my in-laws’ house, or in a hotel room where we’re sharing one very small, very squeaky bed.
I need a steady, stable influence for my daughter, not a fling with this too wild, too young, too impulsive red head. So what if she’s beautiful and intense and passionate and has the biggest heart I’ve ever known?
I don’t want to fall in love. I really don’t. The whole “pretend girlfriend” thing was supposed to solve my problems, buy me a little more time.
But when it comes to Laura?
Hell, maybe I’m just not cut out for faking it.

Also in this series: Puck Aholic
I love Sexy Motherpucker so much!! Laura and Brendan’s story is funny and sexy and more than I could have hoped! I knew it was going to be good based on the glimpses we got in Hot as Puck and the fact that Lili Valente wrote it of course. There has not been one book by her that I haven’t loved and they just keep getting better! I’d highly recommend if you like single dads, sexy hockey players, and romantic comedies. And if you’ve never read a Lili Valente book please pick one up!

Puck Aholic by Lili Valente #Review

Puck Aholic by Lili Valente #ReviewPuck Aholic by Lili Valente
Series: Bad Motherpuckers #3
Published by Self Taught Ninja on July 11th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 275
Format: eBook

I hate my new roommate.
And I want to do dirty, delicious things to her in that swing she installed that we both know has nothing to do with aerial yoga.
Neither of which is good, considering Diana Daniels is my NHL team captain’s little sister, and he will break my face if I’m not a perfect gentleman.
I try to be. Really, I do. But when Diana runs screaming down the hall wearing nothing but a damp washcloth, all my gentlemanly intentions go out the window. She’s got all sorts of Jedi mind tricks to make a man obsessed with getting her into bed, and I’m not gonna lie—I fall for every single one of them.
Especially the one where she warns me not to fall for her.
Everyone knows that banging your new roomie is a bad idea. And if it wasn’t for his sister’s stupid pet pig, Wanda, chasing me out of the bathroom mid-shower, Tanner Nowicki and I might still be able to pretend we hate each other.
But that pig totally has it out for me, and before I can warn Tanner that I don’t do relationships—or hockey players or my brother’s friends, for that matter—he’s doing me. Against the wall. And in his bed. And in my bed. And on a pinball machine where we get an all time high score.
And it’s so incredible that I start to forget that I’m the unluckiest woman alive when it comes to relationships. And pigs. And aerial yoga. And worst of all, love.
But hey, it’s not like I didn’t warn him…

Puck Aholic is the third book in the Bad Motherpuckers series with each book reading as a standalone. The series is about a hockey team, meaning a lot of connections throughout the books (friends, family, etc.) This is Tanner (rookie) and Diana’s (Brendan’s sister/player) story.
Tanner has just finished up his rookie year and decides he needs to keep his focus by having zero summer flings. He’s not an one-night-stand kind of guy so he can totally do this. Then Diana comes strolling into the scene, saves his life on a beach and is his new roommate. As if that isn’t complicated enough, she happens to be his team captain’s sister! Complicated isn’t even the word for it now.
Diana has sworn off relationships since every one that she has been in has ended in disaster. She thinks it’s going to be easy but then her roommate ends up being the guy who pisses her off and turns her off at the same time. She thinks maybe they can have a hook-up and things will be okay until she discovers that he isn’t the friends-with-benefits type.
I think the funniest part of the book to me is the fact that Tanner has a pig and said pig doesn’t like Diana. I love that it was included in the story and it gave me plenty of giggles. This is a fantastic roommates to lover story that has a different feel to it with Tanner being a relationship guy and not a manwhore.
Lili Valente doesn’t disappoint! I honestly don’t think she could no matter how hard she tries. Puck Aholic is another must read!

Masquerade with the Master by Lili Valente #Review

Masquerade with the Master by Lili Valente #ReviewMasquerade with the Master by Lili Valente
Published by Self Taught Ninja on January 23rd 2017
Genres: Romance, Erotica
Pages: 110
Format: eBook

A white hot Standalone romance from USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente

“Leave the mask on, princess, but everything else comes off. I’m ready to see what’s mine.”

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but I knew long before the day I said goodbye to Ivy Prescott that I was never going to find another woman like her.

Now, we’re both six years older, and my sweet, innocent Ivy has become a sexy, irresistible woman.

She wasn’t ready for me then, but she’s ready for me now. Ready to learn all the wicked, wonderful things I have to teach her.

Her lesson will begin with a box. A box with a beautiful dress, a mask, and an invitation to come play with a man who has been watching her from afar…

A man who wants to master her—body and soul…

Warning: This sinfully sexy read features a Dominant alpha male who likes to play rough with his toys—but don’t worry, he’ll make sure you enjoy every scorchingly hot minute of it.

Masquerade with the Master is the second novella in the Master Me series but each book can be read as a standalone. It is a short sexy read full of heat!
It’s been six years since Edward left Ivy behind but his feelings for her haven’t changed. She needed time to grow up before she could handle his kink. During those six years, Ivy has been supported by an anonymous benefactor and has dabbled in the BDSM world. When Ivy receives a letter from her benefactor, she is shocked to see that it is from Edward. She can’t get him out of her head but she hopes one night will be enough to satisfy her urges. Edward wants more but is afraid to tell her. What will happen at the end of their explosive night?
I loved these characters! Edward and Ivy are perfect for each other and I loved reading their story. Lili Valente writes such great stories no matter the length and I can’t wait to see what she has for us next.

Incredible You by Lili Valente #Review

Incredible You by Lili Valente #ReviewIncredible You by Lili Valente
Published by Self Taught Ninja on October 25th 2016
Pages: 323
Format: eBook

From the USA Today Bestselling author of Magnificent Bastard comes a sexy, flirty, dirty standalone…on ice.
They say Jake “The Dragon” Falcone earned his nickname by setting fire to the ice his first season in the NHL. But just between us ladies, I’m pretty sure he earned it for the dragon in his pants.
From my first hug as his fake girlfriend, it’s clear he’s packing below the belt. After a few fake dates I realize he’s packing…everywhere. Heart, brains, sex-vibe, a killer sense of humor—Jake is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.
He’s also my client and OFF LIMITS. Oh, and he has a crazy ex who's out for my blood.
I should steer clear, and I would, if my dragon weren’t so completely incredible…
The name sounded like a joke. Who in his right mind wants a “Miraculous Mess” running damage control on his f*cked up love life?
But by the time I leave her apartment on day one, I’m hooked on this sexy blonde. I want all of her, from the smart mouth that makes me smile to the wounded heart I know I can heal.
But can a Madison Avenue princess and a man from the wrong side of the tracks live happily ever after?
Warning: Incredible You is a standalone romantic comedy told from both the hero and heroine's point of view.

Incredible You is the third installment in the Sexy, Flirty, Dirty series. These can be read as standalones. Incredible You is different from the other two in that a female is the narrator for this one.
Shane “Miraculous Mess” Willoughby is the newest member of the Magnificent Bastard Consulting (MBC) group. Bash brings her in to help with his first male client who needs help clearing his name after a spiteful ex-girlfriend spreads malicious lies about him. Who might this client be? None other than Jake “The Dragon” Falcone, ice hockey royalty.
Jake may be hot but Shane is determined to keep her distance until she finds out if the accusations against him are true or not. Although her thoughts on this may change after their first awkward meeting where she insulted him then got lost in his eyes. Jake was just as attracted to Shane as she was to him and he was determined to heal her broken heart.
I absolutely love Lili Valente and her ability to craft a brilliant story. She has done this with every book of hers I have ever read. Incredible You has great characters and is hilarious! I think Shane may be my favorite female character from this series. I loved that this book was told from her POV.
On top of everything else, I loved the fact that this was also a hockey book. I love sports romances and hockey is my favorite of those.

A Love So Dangerous by Lili Valente #Review

A Love So Dangerous by Lili Valente #ReviewA Love so Dangerous by Lili Valente
Published by Self Taught Ninja on August 29th 2016
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 256
Format: eBook

Warning: This is one dark, dangerous, dirty-talking, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. Are you ready?
I’ve got a big c*ck, a bigger bank account, and zero interest in Happily Ever After. I just want to feel alive, to look into a woman’s eyes and see something that’s going to keep my mind off all the shit I refuse to think about for an hour or two.
And then I meet her, a good girl with a body made for sin and ugly problems only a bad man can fix.
A bad man like me…
Gabe Alexander is the devil. Or an angel.
He’s a criminal hiding behind a millionaire dollar pedigree, but he also saved my life and my family. He’s the worst kind of bad news, but every time he touches me, and whispers filthy, beautiful things in my ear, all I want is more.
More of his kiss, his touch, and the dangerous, seductive things he makes me feel.
I don’t want to go bad, but the man makes it feel so damned good…
Warning Part the Second: A Love So Dangerous is the first in a three part series. It is a full-length novel that ends in a cliffhanger. It was formerly published as One Wild Night and This Wicked Rush by Jessie Evans.
Praise for the To the Bone series: 
"A steamy, high-octane love story that will have you wondering how far you'd go if you stopped playing by the rules." –NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely
"WOW, just WOW! I'm screaming...right now because I need the next book, like yesterday...I am truly blown away." -Romance Readers Retreat Blog
“Well written with a heart breaking story, adorable and irresistible characters…the kind of books you do not forget and keep a paperback of, to re-read time after time!!!! I was crying like a baby or smiling like a lunatic!!!” –Moon Reviews 

“I loved it and you will too. I read the series twice in record time. I’m still thinking of it weeks later…[Lili Valente] is a story teller we romantics dream of.” -Books and Beyond Fifty Shades

 Caitlyn is young and extremely stressed out. She dropped out of high school and is now raising her three younger brothers and 3-year-old niece since her mom and sister bailed and her dad is a drunk. She is about to lose it all too. On the night of her 20th birthday, she goes out dancing with her friend. She loses herself in the music and finds herself grinding on an old classmate, Gabe. Gabe comes from a very wealthy family and doesn’t really understand why Caitlyn “enables” her parents and sister. He decides that he wants to help her out and talks her into being Maid Marian to his Robin Hood. Things heat up between them fast but will it last?
I loved this book! I really feel for Caitlyn and how stressed out she is all the time. Raising 1 kid at the age of 20 is hard enough but 4 is tremendously difficult. When Gabe offers to help her out I wasn’t surprised at the form of the offer. He just had a bad boy vibe from the get go so his thievery fit. The reasons he was doing it was a little surprising though.
This book ends on a cliffhanger so I’m waiting in suspense for the next book. It’s been a while since I read a book with a cliffhanger that made me want to read the next book so I enjoyed that. I can’t wait to see what Lili Valente has in store for the characters next!